Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Diana Sabacinski

MCA Interview Series Featured image Diana Sabacinski

For this interview, we were fortunate enough to speak with Diana Sabacinski, co-creator of the award-winning product BEECure® After-Sun Lotion! BEECure After-Sun Lotion is a calming and hydrating skincare moisturizer that helps reduce the appearance of redness and dry skin from heat and sun exposure. BEECure After-Sun Lotion is made with buckwheat honey, a well-documented antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and calendula, known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Keep reading to find out more about Diana and her award-winning product, BEECure After-Sun Lotion! Read More

Sunscreen Terminology for Families: What does it all mean?

It seems like every couple years there are new standards for which sunscreen is the best. What level SPF do we need? What key ingredients should it (or shouldn’t it) contain? To jumpstart your summer sunscreen education, here are a few key terms to keep in mind. Read More