Spring Sensory Activities Perfect for Entertaining Your Baby

Spring Sensory Activities Perfect for Entertaining Your Baby Featured

Sensory activities help babies explore the world around them and learn about almost anything, from textures to colors to counting and more. When it comes to thinking up new ideas, the kids will love it; however, it might not be so easy. If you’re looking for new sensory activities perfect for the springtime, give the following a try. Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Julie Igel

Julie Igel MCA Interview Series Featured image

Hello, Mom’s Choice readers! We have another interesting interview for you today– we were lucky enough to get some time with Julie Igel, author of the children’s book My Socks. My Socks is a fun story that brings awareness to sensory issues and offers ways for parents and caretakers to listen to children with sensory challenges and value their individual traits. If you have a child who hates to wear socks, this is the book for you! We were honored and entertained to be able to hear a little bit about Julie Igel and how her story My Socks came to be. Keep reading to see the full interview published below! Read More