Laughter is the Glue That Holds My Family Together

family laughter

It’s a universal language. Even at a very young age, for our kids to see mom and dad laughing, just like they laugh, is important. We want them to know that not only are we married, are we a family, but we like each other. Laughter is not just for the young. Read More

The Arduous Task of Putting Kids to Bed


It’s my thought that kids try to pack as many conversations, requests, grievances, and protests into as little time as they can during that magical half-hour we call lights out. It’s actually pretty incredible. While we, as adults, have learned the art of the wind-down shortly before it’s time to sleep (normally consisting of reading a book or watching tv, putting comfy clothes on, and just plain shutting our eyes!), it’s almost like the word bedtime invokes some Pavlovian response in small children; one that whispers, “game on.” Read More

Chris Hemsworth Bakes a Cake, and the Double-Standard of Parenting Becomes Apparent

chris hemsworth bakes cake

One thing I want to clearly articulate is this: it’s my belief that this happens, in part at least, because of the way we cut down fathers and expect them to mess up. You know how we clap in an exaggerated fashion and exclaim “YAAAAAYYYY!” when our babies do something simple, like waving or throwing a ball? It’s almost like that’s what we, what society, does when a father involves himself in any aspect of child-rearing. Read More

10 Outdoor Spring Activities for Families

spring activities outdoors

Now that the warm weather is officially here to stay, it’s time to get outside and enjoy the longer days with our families! Weekends can easily feel jam-packed with activities or errands, but it’s always a good idea to slow down and take moments where you can get them. Read More

To All Women, When Mother’s Day is Hard

Mother's Day painful

The sad truth is, if you could survey the women in the room, statistically, you would find that there are very few who would be untouched by miscarriage, infertility, broken marriages and families, or death. So why is it so unheard of for these hurts to be acknowledged in the same breath as we acknowledge the amazing work of motherhood? My prayer is that we find a way to boldly acknowledge pain while still celebrating the gift of Motherhood in an intentional way. Read More

Why I Cleaned Out My Closet (And Why You Should, Too!)

closet cleaning

I’ve heard it said before that your closet can easily be a metaphor for your life, and I have to agree. Goodbye to snap decisions and impulse-buys that are supposed to put a band-aid on a bigger issue. Goodbye to filling voids with more stuff. In much the same way I evaluated my ‘busy’ life and the activities my days are filled with, I also want to evaluate where I spend my resources and time. Read More

New Mothers are Turning to Crowdfunding to Supplement Maternity Leave

crowdfunding maternity leave

So, while women are guaranteed to have a job upon their return, they are left to figure out how to do without almost three months of income during these precious first weeks. For families who live paycheck-to-paycheck, this is daunting to say the least. These are some of the most vulnerable and life-altering moments in a woman’s life; the parent-child bond is born and set on a foundation. To have it shaken by stress and worry about basic needs being met is a scary reality for many mothers-to-be. Read More

Slaying My Productivity Monster: Why I Don’t Want to be Busy


I say “no” to mom guilt. I have never given it a foothold in my parenting and won’t start now, with this. Busyness will not steal my joy, and I won’t stand for it robbing me of precious time with my family. And, most of all, I won’t let my actions teach my children that busyness is a status symbol or a value to hold dear. Read More

Why I Haven’t Lost Myself in Motherhood

losing yourself motherhood

The truth is, I feel more like myself than I ever imagined I could. I came alive the day I met my daughter. I’ve been forced to examine the corners of my being; to evaluate where I fall short, for the sake of others. My patience has, many times, been stretched beyond its limits. My selfishness constantly needs laying aside. My beliefs and views beg to be developed, because I’m helping to mold tiny ones, too. I’ve found that my fear is greater, but so is my joy. Read More