Study Shows That Second Children Really Are More Difficult

second children

When the study was said and done, it came to the conclusion that second-born children presented more “challenging” behavior than the others. Second-born boys were far more likely to be in trouble with the school system, and were far more likely to be incarcerated. Read More

Mom’s Hilarious Moana Parody is Every Overdue Pregnant Woman Ever

moana parody

Murphy decided to put her feelings to Moana’s all-too-familiar tune, and it is spot on. Changing the title to, “How Long I’ll Go,”, she belts out, “Thought I wasn’t prepared, now my due date’s behind me, can’t reach my toes, now I know there’s just no telling how long I’ll go!” Read More

Five Women Open Up About Their Post-Baby Bodies While Wearing Bikinis

5 women bodies

There is no doubt about it, having a baby changes things. From your ability to sleep in on weekends to drinking coffee while it’s still hot, once baby comes home, there are things that we have to bid farewell to. One of the most drastic changes for many women, though, is dealing with body image post-baby. Read More