Open Letter to Men: Don’t Do Nothing

Open Letter to Men: Don’t Do Nothing

The first time I remember feeling humiliated and objectified was in sixth grade. Two boys made up a story about seeing me through the window while I was taking a shower and spread it all around school. Read More

Because One Day We’ll Say Goodbye

One Day We'll Say Goodbye

The other night I was cooking dinner while music played through iTunes on my computer. My five-year-old son played a game at the kitchen table and my almost four-year-old daughter stood in front of the living room mirror putting on her 48th layer of lip gloss… Read More

My Husband Does Not “Babysit” Our Children

I’ve noticed over the years that folks are curious about the kids when I’m not there. “Who has the kids?” is the most common question, and the answer is always the same, “they’re home with their Daddy.” Read More