The Healing Power of Emotional Expression!

The Healing Power of Emotional Expression!

Every culture is unique and values emotional expression differently. Due to years of social conditioning in the West in particular, we tend to not value this. Unfortunately that has dire consequences on our holistic well-being. All animals need to express themselves. As animals ourselves, we are no different. We need to be able to express ourselves in a range of emotions to be healthy, optimally functioning human beings… or ‘we hold our our issues in our tissues’ (Tom Meyers). Read More

The Health Benefits Of Growing Vegetables With Your Children

Health Benefits Growing Vegetables Children Featured

Children who help to grow vegetables are more likely to eat them, compared to children who don’t get involved in the growing process, according to research. This is so important as 93% of children don’t eat enough vegetables. Growing fresh produce with children is easily done and is a great way to have fun with your kids. So, what are the biggest health benefits associated with growing veg with your kids? Read More

Health Tips From Blue Zones That Should Be Adopted

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I wrote about Blue Zones in the revise of my first book.  I feel so strongly about this information; I decided to also include the information in my second book.

If you, your children and other people in your life are healthy, then why should you care about toxins and the quality of your food?

Blue Zones are the five areas in the world with the longest human longevity, where. It is common to remain healthy and vibrant until over 100 and to keep one’s cognizance until the end. Read More