Me, Too! Parents, You Are Not Alone

Me, Too! Parents, You Are Not Alone

You feel not good enough, like all of your kids’ bad traits come from your side. And you’re nowhere near as patient as you should be, showing more restraint with strangers than with your own family. Me, too. Read More

Tired, Stressed, and Not Giving Up

Tired, Stressed, And Not Giving Up

I’ve been in a weird phase this month—I’ve either been go, go, go or Netflix binge for hours. I can’t seem to find my healthy pace of life—relaxing while being somewhat productive. Read More

Mom Chronicles: A Mom’s Nice Jar

A Mom's Nice Jar

By the end of each day, my nice jar is empty. I’m a married, working mom with four kids and two dogs. I start each day optimistically and swear I won’t get angry or yell. Read More

How Going After Your Dreams Makes You a Better Mother

Going After Your Dreams Makes You a Better Mother

I recently realized almost everything I post on social media has to do with my children. I think there is definitely something off about that. I am my own person with passions, goals, and achievements. I need to be sharing more of that! More of me. I feel like this reveals a certain loss of identity that has occurred since I have become a mother. Read More

Three Things I Wasn’t Expecting to Grieve in the Midst of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

I am incredibly grateful that we live in an age where pregnancy loss is being de-mystified. Although there are many things about it that still aren’t understood, it’s talked about. It’s a discussion. More and more women feel comfortable coming out of the woodwork and saying, “Yes, we have lost children,” or, “We are having trouble getting pregnant.” I know I say this phrase a lot, but it’s healing, and writing about things that are healing is, in a way, my purpose. Read More