In Defense of the ‘Fit Mom’

fit mom

I realize now that the bulk of negativity we harbor comes from insecurity. We judge others because we are judging ourselves. When I first saw Maria Kang’s smiling face come across my computer screen, and in turn found myself inwardly shooting her down, I know I was communicating more about myself than I was about her. Read More

The Benefits of Baby Swimming

Benefits of Baby Swimming

Bernadette Spofforth, mom of three and CEO of Splash About, discusses the benefits of baby swimming. What do you need to know? What products should you look for? Read More

Ways to Keep Your Kids Active Over the Winter

Teaching your kids to stay active is an important part of instilling healthy habits in them. What can you do during the winter months when low temperatures and nasty weather keep them cooped up indoors? Read More

My Self-Care Secret Weapon: A Gym Membership

self-care gym

I had to decide that taking a step towards my own wellness was worth the time, money, and effort. That it’s not selfish to prioritize myself, at times; that it’s a necessity. The culture of mommy-martyrdom needs to be put to death. Purposefully denying ourselves things that are good for us isn’t noble; it’s unwise. It doesn’t make us better mothers. It makes us unhealthy. Read More