Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Colin Cordner

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Hello, Mom’s Choice readers! Thank you for joining us, we hope this finds you well. For this interview, we were excited to get the opportunity to speak with Colin Cordner, owner of Jackson Reece and its Mom’s Choice Award-winning product, Kinder By Nature Plant Based Baby Wipes! Kinder By Nature Plant Based Baby Wipes are baby wipes that are described as being “The Most eco-friendly wipes on the planet.” Kinder By Nature Plant Based Baby Wipes are created by using 99% naturally derived ingredients from plant and vegetable extracts that are also environmentally friendly and reduce plastic pollution. Keep reading to find out more about these amazing and eco-friendly wipes and their company’s owner, Colin Cordner! Read More

Giveaway: Green Rank Bundle 2

GIveaway: Green Rank Bundle 2

Help Children Build a Brighter, More Sustainable Future by Making an Eco-Friendly Difference with this Fun and Engaging Package from Green Rank Enter to win by noon 3/5/21! Read More

Do You Know What Your Family Is Pouring Down the Drain?

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Imagine a new world in which children know as much about the animals and plants in their own backyard, as they do about the list of animals under extinction. This beautiful new world starts by making environmental protection part of our day-to-day lives… through actions as simple as watching what we pour down the drain. Read More