My Autistic Sister: An Elementary Child’s Perspective

Autism Awareness Month: My Autistic Sister

This post is from the unique perspective of Sarah DeMonia, an elementary school girl whose older sister was diagnosed with autism at age two. Sarah’s mom, Lori DeMonia is the author of Leah’s Voice and Love for Logan, two Mom’s Choice Award-winning children’s books dealing with autism. Read More

6 Autism Awareness Month Products for All Ages

6 Products You Need for Autism Awareness Month

Since April is Autism Awareness Month, we thought we’d highlight some wonderful products for people on the spectrum and their families. Whether you’re in need of fun presents, reading material, or deep pressure therapy, you’ll probably find that one of these products is the right fit. Read More

7 Ways to Use Media and Tech to Raise Bilingual Kids

Whether you speak Spanish or just want your kids to learn it, raising bilingual kids is a big commitment. But even though it can be challenging, it’s definitely worth the effort. Many studies confirm the multiple benefits of bilingualism. Read More