Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Maggie Bermudez

Maggie Bermudez Featured Image

Hi, Mom’s Choice readers! Today we’re excited to share with you an interview with Maggie Bermudez, one of our Mom’s Choice Award-Winning creators, authors, and illustrators. Maggie Bermudez is the creative mind behind the MCA award-winning JJ Pillowdoll and the illustrator of another MCA award winner, Pably and Me! JJ Pillowdoll is both a soft cotton pillow and a sweet doll all in one! The JJ Pillowdoll comes with a children’s book filled with infinite love poems. Pably and Me (Pably y Yo), Meet my Big Family is a fun and heartwarming family story about a widowed father raising his 9 children on his own and can be read in either English or Spanish. Keep reading to learn more about Maggie and her path to becoming an award-winning author, illustrator, and creator! Read More

Giveaway: Adora Floral Romper Doll

Adora PlayTime babies are handmade with care and made to be loved. They are the perfect 1st baby doll, weighing just about 12 ounces. You will adore the life-like features from their little button noses…to their tiny little hands and feet! Perfect for infants and toddlers! Read More