Open Letter to Men: Don’t Do Nothing

Open Letter to Men: Don’t Do Nothing

The first time I remember feeling humiliated and objectified was in sixth grade. Two boys made up a story about seeing me through the window while I was taking a shower and spread it all around school. Read More

Women, Why Do We Cut Each Other Down?

women cut down

I would bet that there aren’t many of us who haven’t suffered at the hands of other women. Whether it be in the workplace, within your family unit, or in the preschool carpool line, I know that few are exempt from this behavior. I have vivid memories of bullying and intentional hurt that I still carry with me, even from nearly two decades ago. My guess is that this isn’t uncommon. Read More

6 Rules of Digital Citizenship for Kids

6 Rules of Digital Citizenship for Kids (image)

Our kids are digital natives. They are exposed to and use digital devices from a very early age. In those early years, we work very hard to ensure that our children are in a “closed” environment – protected from the wily ways of the worldwide web. Read More

Being Different Is Normal: Let’s Change the Way We React to Autism

Being Different Is Normal: Let's Change the Way We React to Autism

This post is part of our ongoing series of April Autism Awareness Month posts. View other posts on our blog about autism here. Make sure to scroll to the bottom of this article to learn about two great scholarship opportunities relating to special needs children. Evelyn Baker Blogger I came bursting through my front door after school, eyes flooded with tears. My Disney princess backpack slowly dragging on the floor … Read More

A Smile Can Change Everything: Meeting Bullies with Kindness

What if instead of fighting back, or even ignoring, we met each bully with kindness? What if we recognized that bullying comes from deeper hurts and that we don’t know the whole story? What if we understood that those who seem the most unloving and unlovable are the ones who need our love the most? Read More