Spring Sensory Activities Perfect for Entertaining Your Baby

Spring Sensory Activities Perfect for Entertaining Your Baby Featured

Isabel Ryan

Isabel Ryan

Spring Sensory Activities Perfect for Entertaining Your Baby

Spring Sensory Activities Perfect for Entertaining Your Baby

Sensory activities help babies explore the world around them and learn about almost anything, from textures to colors to counting and more. When it comes to thinking up new ideas, the kids will love it; however, it might not be so easy. If you’re looking for new sensory activities perfect for the springtime, give the following a try.

Rainbow Bread Crumbs

Crumbled bread dyed in different colors creates a fun way to explore texture, colors, and taste. Since everything is edible, it’s perfect for little ones who want to taste everything to see what it’s like. It’s easy to create this in a small sensory bin and place it with the child in a baby play yard, but do keep an eye on them in case there are any pieces big enough to be a choking hazard. Once they’re done playing, a vacuum is all that’s needed to clean the play yard.

Bugs in Dirt

Bugs are always interesting, and when hidden in the dirt, they can be fun for little ones to find. This can be made edible using cookie crumbles for the dirt and gummy worms for the bugs, though it is important to keep a close eye on younger kids, as they may not be able to bite and chew the gummy worms yet. For older kids, a bit of dirt, some water to create mud, and plastic bugs to hide and find are great options.

Rainbow Pasta

Pasta is always fun to play with – it’s squishy, it’s stringy, and it slips through fingers and back into the bowl. What’s better than playing with a little bit of cooked pasta? Playing with rainbow pasta. Check out the recipes online to learn how to easily make some spaghetti that’s colorful and fun to play with. As a bonus, this could be part of dinner, too.

Trucks in Mud

Girls and boys alike may enjoy getting a little bit dirty playing in the mud on a rainy day. It’s a fantastic sensory activity, even though it may be a little bit messy. If it’s not raining right now, though, let them have fun playing in the mud at home. Use some water and a little bit of cocoa mix to create the mud, then let them drive cars or play with toys in the mud as long as they want.

Finger Painting

Finger painting is another sensory activity that’s perfect for kids at home. Even babies who try to taste everything can enjoy finger painting when it’s edible finger paint. Don’t want to worry about the mess? Finger painting can be messy, but with homemade finger paint, it’s possible to do it all in the tub. Make the paint in a muffin tin, so the colors are easy to access, then set the baby in the tub. While watching, let them paint and explore. When they’re finished, simply rinse the kid and the tub.

Textured Eggs

Squishy toys can be a lot of fun and fantastic to explore, but they don’t need to be purchased at the store. Instead, fill balloons with different things from the kitchen, such as flour, rice, tiny noodles, and more. Tie the balloon tightly without blowing it up and let the kids squish and play with the toys. Be careful to keep an eye on them in case a balloon breaks.

Easter Baskets

The eggs and filling for Easter baskets are perfect for sensory boxes. Add in tiny stuffed chicks, fake flowers, cotton balls, and more to provide a variety of textures that are perfect for playing with and enjoying. Little ones will stay entertained as they dig through the box to see what else is hiding and play with all of the different things they find.
Babies need safe ways to explore the world around them. As long as they’re being watched, they can explore the world in many different ways, including through sensory bins. Use these ideas to create spring sensory bins that are sure to be a huge hit and keep the baby entertained for quite a while. For the youngest kids, opt for edible options when possible, as they will use their mouths as a way to taste and test just about anything that fits in their hands.


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