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For no word from God will ever fail

Play It Again "One Life"One life, one song, one book, can have such an impact on so many lives. Tom Brown’s School Days are one of those books. It’s a famous British novel by Thomas Hughes, about a popular boy who attended a boarding school in England. Tom had a tremendous influence on the group of boys he lived within one of the dormitories. One day a new boy came to school. That evening, as they prepared for sleep, the new boy knelt down to say his prayers. A few of the boys began to make fun of him, one even threw a shoe at him. That night, Tom could not fall asleep. He kept thinking about what happened to the new kid. He also began to think about his mom and the prayers she had taught him to say before he went to bed. Prayers he had not said, since he came to this school. The next evening, as the boys were getting ready to pick on the new boy for saying his prayers, something monumental happened, Tom knelt down also. There was silence in the dormitory. His example changed the thoughts of many boys that night. Tom saw the purpose in life and decided to live it, taste it, and experience it to the utmost. He reached out eagerly and without fear for a newer and richer experience, and with that, he became that “One life.”

Several years ago, in the garden of the school where I teach, I had my students reenact the story of Tom Brown. I shared with them, how they too can make a difference in the lives of many with their love for God. With the soft sound of nature and bright bloomed flowers, I turned my class towards a beautiful sculpture of the Blessed Virgin Mary, drawing their attention to how one life can exert a wholesome influence on so many people, without force. I explained how Mary’s ‘Yes’ to God was not only one of the greatest turning points in history, but it faithfully defined what true courage is all about.

As we may forget what people do and say, it is harder to forget how they make us feel. My niece and I always laugh, as I often reminisce on a story of when she was just a toddler sitting on my lap at an outdoor movie. Through the coils of her curly hair blowing in the wind, I whispered in her ear “I love you.” This memorable moment is so precious because of the way she turned her little head and looked up at me with her beautiful brown eyes and said, “Say it again.”

There is so much to be grateful for. That year, after sharing Tom’s story with my class, I played a beautiful song, titled, ‘Thank You,’ by The Katinas. It brought me great joy to watch each one of them reach out eagerly and without fear for that newer and richer experience. I could tell this through the enthusiasm in their words, as the song ended they spoke out, “Play it again!”

“For no word from God will ever fail.” [Luke 1:37]

A teacher is not so much responsible for what our students know, but more so for the seeds we plant to help them grow.

Father in the Name of Jesus, by the power and grace of the Holy Spirit, be with us, direct our path, fill us with the riches of Your grace, transform our mind with a healthy balance that is good for our body and soul. Guide us with Your gracious love, that we may press forward to being all that You created us to be. In Your Holy Name, we pray… Amen

Sweet blessings always,

Deanna Danielle

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Deanna Danielle HeadshotAbout Deanna Danielle

With over eighteen years of Christian teaching background, Deanna Danielle has found that the best way to engage her class is through bringing topics to life by taking what is “old” and making it new and relatable in today’s context. She believes that a teacher is not so much responsible for what their students know, but more so for the seeds they plant to help them grow. Her Blogs are to inspire a self-realization journey helping readers discover their hidden treasures within, by connecting biblical truths with modern-day examples of faith.

She has published two books and has many projects currently in the works. ‘An Ordinary Person, An Extraordinary Gift’, won a Mom’s Choice Award, and ‘Christmas Morn’, which was published a year prior was considered a “Top Tier Highest Selling Book for Non-celebrities.” More recently, Deanna Danielle’s children’s book, Sheli, is in the final stages of illustration, DELILAH, The Secret of Great Strength, a collection of valuable teachings to stimulate, motivate and cultivate the beauty in one’s life, through the living word of God, is waiting for publication and her feature-length film script, “In My Weakness,” has been reviewed by several producers.

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  1. Thank you everyone for your beautiful thoughts on this post! And a Very special thank you to Mom’s Choice Awards, for allowing me to share it!! God bless you all abundantly! Much love, Deanna Danielle❤️🙏🏻❤️

  2. I love this blog from Deanna Danielle. I felt so inspired after reading this article. I look forward reading her passages every week.

  3. This story illustrates beautifully the impact one life, lived purposefully, can have on the world around them. What I appreciate most about this message, especially in these difficult times we are living in, is that we each can make a positive ripple within our small circle of influence. While the state of the world around us seems so bleak and uncertain, we do not need to bear the weight of the world on our shoulders. We just have to be a small light in the darkness, shining the love of Christ in the dark places we go. When we do, we will bring light and hope to others, passing the torch along. One life can make all the difference in the world!

  4. I always love hearing what Deanna Danielle has to say! Her stories and messages are always inspirational and filled with hope and love! You know with her it’s not just words; but more so a reflection of how she lives her life every day! Thank you Deanna for sharing and thank you for all your great work you do IN and FOR the community!

  5. Loved this post! It is so true that the way we feel in a special moment is a large part of what makes that moment memorable. Can’t wait to read more!

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