Tips to Ensure Safety of your Pets during Christmas [Infographic]

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Christmas is around the corner, a great time for celebration alright, but pet owners need to keep their pets safe during this busy time. If you have small children or if you have invited guests over who have small children, there can be a lot of noise in your home. This can disturb your pets, especially if they are not used to so much noise. Also when children are around, there are few who really love pets and out of affection can feed your pet with chocolate or cookies, which can be harmful to your pet. Dogs of a small breed, pups, and kitten if left loose can come under the feet of your guests, which can scare them as well as your pet. It could be too much for your pet to put up with.

It is important to keep your children educated on how to treat the pet during Christmas and also important to educate your guests and their children on how to interact with your pet safely to avoid any kind of mishap.

If your guests are also getting their pets to your party, it is better to introduce both your pets outside the house to make each other familiar to avoid any territorial issues. Children unknowingly can play with the pets with spare decorations that are made of glass or tinsel, and it can be harmful to your pet in several ways. Hence it is better to inform about this to your children so that they know how dangerous it can be.

If you are planning to gift your child a pet during Christmas, it can be a bad idea, as the animal will take time to adjust to the new environment and people, and it can be really anxious for it. Moreover, it’s a busy time, where you and your children might not have enough time to give to your new pet. If you still want to do it, it is always better to give your child a gift certificate, and once the holiday season is over, you can go pick a pet together. For more information on pet safety during Christmas, browse through this detailed infographic from TopDogTips.


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing these tips many of which I would never have thought of.I can’t believe we are in 2018…wow

    1. Wow! You have your hands full, but having pets is totally worth it in my book! Thnaks for reading.

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