Parents Share Before and After Kids Photos and They Are So Relatable

Parents Before and After Kids

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After the birth of your first child, it doesn’t take long before you start to reflect on the luxuries of your past. Eating food hot, shampooing and conditioning your hair, waking without bags under your eyes… it all seems so distant, doesn’t it?

That’s what inspired blogger Mike Julianelle of Dad and Buried to post a before and after-having-kids selfie. In the first photo, ten years ago, he appears to be having a great time; his complexion is wrinkle-free and there is light in his eyes. In the second, he’s wearing a face that can only be described as the walking dead. Exhausted and strung out.

We shouldn’t laugh, but we are. And so is the rest of the internet.

On his Instagram page Got Toddlered, Mike invited other parents to send in their before-and-afters as well. And boy, did his followers come through! Here are a couple of our favorites.

Now, before people go and take this the wrong way, it’s a light-hearted jab at some of the more superficial sacrifices of parenthood. Is anyone saying it’s not worth it? Of course not! All of the wrinkles, unwashed (and graying) hair, all of the lost sleep pales in comparison to the joy that is raising children.

It doesn’t make it any less real, though, or any less hilarious!

“Part of my thing is being open about the frustrating side of parenting,” The blogger tells Babble, “so all of us in this same parenting boat can commiserate and hopefully laugh about it … it made sense to let parents at large join in, in the name of solidarity!”

Anything that helps parents feel less alone in this crazy thing we’re doing is glorious, indeed. Maybe we’ll snap our own Before and After selfies for submission! Thanks for the giggles, Mike.


Parents Before and After Kids


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5 Comments on “Parents Share Before and After Kids Photos and They Are So Relatable”

  1. Lol yup before my kids I always straightened/curled my hair and had makeup up on. Now you will always see me with my hair in a bun and no makeup.

  2. That is so true !! I remember the good old days of using a curling iron daily on my hair and always looking great. Now I have no time to fix my self after having three kids.

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