Let’s Be Careful With Our “Dear Mom Who ______ ” Posts

I saw another one this morning. I was scrolling Facebook with my morning coffee when a post from a page I follow caught my eye. It started out the way so many of them do… “Dear Helicopter Mom at the Playground…” I kept reading because sometimes the “Dear Mom” posts surprise me and are sweet and encouraging. Unfortunately this one was judgmental and sarcastic. Read More

8 Mosquito Bite Facts and Myths

What’s more dreadful than the blistering heat in the summertime? How about feeling like a real-life mosquito magnet every time you go outside? Read More

5 Ways to Save Yourself from Device Addiction

Facebook addiction. Constant texting. Sneaking Candy Crush. Oversharing. No, it’s not your kids — it’s YOU. When it comes to managing your kids’ screen time, there’s no shortage of ideas for setting limits. But what about your needs? Recent studies (and digital detox stories) on parents’ screen habits point to device-distracted moms and dads as a growing problem for kids. Read More

New Mom’s Choice Awards® Blog

Welcome! Mom’s Choice Awards® is pleased to introduce our brand new blog. Our focus here will be on providing useful, thought-provoking, and uplifting content of interest to parents, families, and educators. We look forward to expanding this blog and our online community as time goes on. How to Get Involved We’re always looking for people who would like to contribute to our community! Are you interested in writing a monthly … Read More