Three Things I Wasn’t Expecting to Grieve in the Midst of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

I am incredibly grateful that we live in an age where pregnancy loss is being de-mystified. Although there are many things about it that still aren’t understood, it’s talked about. It’s a discussion. More and more women feel comfortable coming out of the woodwork and saying, “Yes, we have lost children,” or, “We are having trouble getting pregnant.” I know I say this phrase a lot, but it’s healing, and writing about things that are healing is, in a way, my purpose. Read More

Is It Okay to Fight in Front of Your Kids?

Is It Ok to Fight In Front of Your Kids?

In honor of Valentines Day coming up soon, this post is about the intersection between being a parent and being a couple — specifically, how to work through conflicts when you’re in front of your children. Read More

When Parenting Feels Like Good Grief

Parenting is Good Grief

Talk to any mom on a heart-level about parenting and you’ll quickly find this: to raise children is to live in the tension of joy and grief. It’s often between the lines, but it’s there. They are in no way mutually exclusive I’ve come to find, and, as a mother, I see myself swinging between the two on any given day. Read More

One Easy Way to Improve Your Relationship with Your Kid

Improve Your Relationship with Your Kid

If you own a smartphone, chances are, you love it. You take pictures of your kids, stay in touch with friends and family, keep up with the news, and text your spouse reminders to pick up milk. It’s likely never more than an arm’s reach away, and it probably even journeys into the bathroom with you. It’s 2016, and that’s totally normal. Read More