Why I Haven’t Lost Myself in Motherhood

losing yourself motherhood

The truth is, I feel more like myself than I ever imagined I could. I came alive the day I met my daughter. I’ve been forced to examine the corners of my being; to evaluate where I fall short, for the sake of others. My patience has, many times, been stretched beyond its limits. My selfishness constantly needs laying aside. My beliefs and views beg to be developed, because I’m helping to mold tiny ones, too. I’ve found that my fear is greater, but so is my joy. Read More

The Art of Connecting in the Car: What I Learned From My Broken Radio

car conversations

I don’t love the message that my occasional ‘car time-outs’ could potentially be sending my daughter, unbeknownst to me. Letting her see and hear that my ears are available for listening and exchanging words with her speaks volumes. If there is constantly music to be talked over, or a physical barrier (like a phone) to pull down in order for us to converse, I’m not truly available. I’m tied up and somewhat closed off. That is not the mom I aspire to be. Read More

Safety Tips for Summer Road Trips

Safety Tips for Summer Road Trips

Summer is quickly approaching and that vacation you have been planning for months is so close, you can almost feel the ocean’s gentle waves sweep over your toes. Conversely, the actual logistics of the road trip are a little less enjoyable to visualize… Read More

Tired, Stressed, and Not Giving Up

Tired, Stressed, And Not Giving Up

I’ve been in a weird phase this month—I’ve either been go, go, go or Netflix binge for hours. I can’t seem to find my healthy pace of life—relaxing while being somewhat productive. Read More