In Defense of Public Flailing and Tantruming

In Defense of Public Tantrums

Somewhere along the line it became taboo to take your children out with you in public. As if it were expected that, once a couple has children, they stop wanting and needing to go out together. Moms like staying in their homes all day with their kids….right? Where did the prevailing mindset that public places are only for adults come from? Read More

Screen-Time Limits for Parents?

Screen Time Limits for Parents

Distracted parenting has been a hot topic recently. Some experts link the rise in smartphone ownership to a spike in emergency room visits for kids under 5… Read More

I Want My Daughter To Be a Beacon and a Light

I Want My Daughter to Be Compassionate

Before both of our children were born, my husband and I found ourselves in an intentional discussion about who we hoped they would grow to be. We, of course, recognize that some of the things we discussed are out of our hands; but we also realize that many of them we are able to demonstrate and nurture in our time parenting them through their youth. If I could somehow will one thing into my daughter, my first-born, it would be this: a heart that is compassionate. Read More

iBiome Wetland App Giveaway!

iBiome Wetland App Giveaway

Let’s start off the new year with a new giveaway! This time, we’re teaming up with Springbay Studio to give 18 lucky winners the award-winning iBiome Wetland App! Read More

When My Daughter Asks, “Do I Look Pretty?”

Do I Look Pretty?

You smile with glee as you slowly spin and pat the dress that we just wrestled over your head. You point your toes out for another admiring look at your new shoes. “Do I look pretty, Mama?” you ask me, your eyes lighting up. Read More

My New Year’s Resolution is Simply Resolve

New Year's Resolution

I’ve never been big on New Year’s as a celebratory holiday. Sure, it’s nice to know that a new year is coming, that the previous has been completed. I like reflecting; I’m just not for going all out celebrating or making lists of resolutions and goals. Read More