Me, Too! Parents, You Are Not Alone

Me, Too! Parents, You Are Not Alone

You feel not good enough, like all of your kids’ bad traits come from your side. And you’re nowhere near as patient as you should be, showing more restraint with strangers than with your own family. Me, too. Read More

I’m Not Sorry for Having a Nanny

I Am Not Sorry for Having a Nanny

Being a mother is not easy, I think we can all agree to that. From lack of sleep to constantly feeling like you are not doing enough, even with help it can be one of the hardest challenges women face. Read More

Why I Haven’t Lost Myself in Motherhood

losing yourself motherhood

The truth is, I feel more like myself than I ever imagined I could. I came alive the day I met my daughter. I’ve been forced to examine the corners of my being; to evaluate where I fall short, for the sake of others. My patience has, many times, been stretched beyond its limits. My selfishness constantly needs laying aside. My beliefs and views beg to be developed, because I’m helping to mold tiny ones, too. I’ve found that my fear is greater, but so is my joy. Read More