Outdoor Play – Its Simplicity and Its Brilliance

Outdoor Play - Its simplicity and Its Brilliance Featured

Zara DemerisZara Demeris
Owner | School Teacher

Outdoor adventures are one of the cheapest ways to entertain your family.

There is a whole world waiting, just outside your door and the magical fairy dust in the air truly soothes the soul. The effects of the fairy dust? It helps regulate attention, behavior AND improves overall happiness.

Now whilst the magic fairy dust is realistically just a big ol’ dose of oxygen that induces serotonin production, the results are the same! It chemically makes you feel BETTER!

But wait, there is more! Being outside provides space for children to be more active, to truly jump, run, climb and test their physical limits. Do you remember when you finally nailed swinging yourself on the swing? Or mastering the monkey bars? Talk about a confidence boost.

Playing outside can be incredibly simple and does not need to be over complicated BUT taking that step away from our screens and into some uncomfortable situations (wind, rain, prickly-ickly grass) can be tricky.

Firstly, always make sure you are prepared. There is a good saying ‘There is no bad weather just inappropriate clothing’. From sunhats to weatherproof pants to snow jackets. The more appropriate your clothing the more fun you will have.

So, you get it.
The outdoors are cool.
The outdoors are awesome.
We need it.
The kids need it.
BUT how do we encourage outdoor exploration?

Here are some quick and simple ideas for you to try….


Take a blanket outside, place it under a tree and lay your baby on their back. This is a little fan-favourite, we like to call natures mobile. The trees swaying in the wind, the sunlight flicking through and the shadows dancing. Truly mesmerizing for the developing eyes of small people.


Sitting on the grass, simply let them fell the blades of grass under their legs, between their toes and in their fingers. The best sensory play there is! If you want to hold their attention a little longer, Bring some of their favourite toys outside and let them play in the fresh air.

Waddlers and Toddlers

Collect ALL the things. Sticks bigger than them, feathers that blow in the wind and smooth rocks that feel cold in their hands! For our waddlier waddlers, walking outside can be tricky (all that uneven ground) but there is nothing wrong with going for a crawl in the mud, grass or sand!

The ‘big’ kids!

Get swinging at your local playground, as long as you don’t forget to do some climbing too! Remember to take the time to admire all the different things you can find outside, nature is marvelous so move slow, listen and take it alllllll in!

Please ensure that when you are exploring outside you always
Maintain a safe environment and undertake regular risk assessments.
Follow sun-safe practices
Ensure appropriate clothing.

Thank you to Dr GW Lambert PhD for providing such a wonderful insight into the effect of sunlight and season on serotonin turnover in the brain.

Zara DemerisAbout Zara Demeris

Zara Demeris is the proud owner of THE PLAY CARD COMPANY®, an Australian Primary School Teacher, and mother of two. She is passionate about meaningful play and loves creating simple and engaging ideas for her little ones.

Now combining her passion for play with the world, Zara uses her children to inspire her creativity. When she isn’t on the playroom floor, or packing orders you will find her reading books, enjoying the local parks, and pottering in her garden.
If you want to keep up-to-date with Zara’s everyday happenings, follow the @theplaycard_co and tune into Zara-cam (a.k.a Instagram stories)

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Outdoor Play - Its simplicity and Its Brilliance

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  1. My son when he was little loved to play outside! Most of the time he never wanted to come inside,! You are right he had so many things to keep him busy!!

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