How to Motivate Your Kids to Help with the Chores

How to Motivate Your Kids to Help with the Chores Featured

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Years ago, Spain introduced a bill requiring children to help with the household chores. Fortunately, you don’t have to pack your bags and relocate to Spain to motivate your kids to help at home.

Case in point: many parents are now using a kids chore app to incentivize their kids and entice them to help out. The truth is there is no shortage of creative ways you can motivate your kids to help with the household chores.

Below are some of the most brilliant tips you can look into:

Turn chores into a game.

When you turn chores into a game, you will have a much easier time getting the kids involved. For instance, while doing the dishes, you can have a kitchen dance party. You can also take turns singing songs while doing the laundry or tidying the room. Chores don’t have to be taken seriously. Once you turn chore time into playtime, your kids might just look forward to it.

Set a time limit.

Another way to motivate your kids would be to time their tasks. This will not only challenge your kids, it can also help guarantee that the chores assigned to them will be done promptly. If your kids can get the tasks done in time, offer an enticing reward like an extra 30 minutes of playtime.
Change the routine.

Most parents often assign the same chores to each kid. While there is nothing wrong with this, it would be great to switch the routine now and then so they won’t get bored.

This strategy can also give kids a better chance to learn other chores. So if a child is in charge of doing the dishes on Monday, perhaps you can assign organizing the toy room or sweeping the floors by Tuesday and so on.
Play potluck.

Write down all the tasks that need to be done on a piece of paper and put them in a jar or pot. Have the kids take turns in picking out chores until all the tasks have been completed. It would be ideal to do this on Saturday mornings before they are allowed to watch TV or play.

Once all the tasks have been completed, you can also give them rewards or prizes. When you approach household chores like a game, it is easier to get your kids to cooperate, and they are more likely to complete their tasks in record time.
Allow them to be independent.

Many kids respond well to tasks that feel grown-up. In line with this, consider picking new tasks that can teach them new skills. Chores like making their breakfast, tidying up their beds, or looking after a pet are rewarding and give them some sense of independence.

Ensure you explain why the tasks are essential and make it very clear that you trust them with a big and important responsibility. Younger kids often enjoy the concept of being able to do grown-up responsibilities. The results might just amaze you.

Give them options.

Giving your kids options and allowing them to plan out their chores and tasks for the day can make them feel like they are in control. It won’t also feel like they are being bossed around. Create a list of chores and tasks they can choose from.

Have them cross out all the chores and tasks they have finished. Even better, you can list down easy tasks for one week and challenging tasks the next. You can also offer a reward at the end of each week once all the tasks have been completed.
Over to You

Lastly, you can motivate and inspire your kids to help out by making chores a team effort. Set a good example by helping them out. For instance, you can help them wash the dishes or clean the floors. Kids can become more inspired seeing you get in the trenches with them and getting the chores done.

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How to Motivate Your Kids to Help with the Chores

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