We Are In Love With This Moms-Only Version of “This Is Me”

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When a video starts with a woman eating chocolate in the hidden darkness of her closet, we are immediately hooked, because we get it.

Not only are we still pretty hooked on The Greatest Showman, the song This Is Me tends to get stuck in our heads all day long. It’s such a powerful song with a great message… and so is this amazing parody.

With lines that make you laugh (Don’t cross your eyes or they’ll get stuck- I need some Starbucks), nod your head in agreement (If only I could change my name, they say it 90 times a day), and maybe even cry a little bit (Lookout ‘cuz here I come, gonna focus on the ones I love, days are hard, nights are long, but I keep on going strong), it’s basically the perfect mom anthem. It sums up how our days can feel like a mixture of chaos, joy, and sadness, all at the same time.

The video was originally made by a group of moms from Compassion Church in Waverly, Tennessee and was released on Mother’s Day. Whether you relate with the mom hiding in her closet so she can eat in peace, the co-sleeping mom with a foot in her face, or the moms who faithfully sit in the stands every week, we can all agree that mothers are strong, and so is their never-ending support!


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