Meteorologist Gives Weather Report While Wearing Her Sleepy Baby

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The first week in October was officially International Babywearing Week, and we at Mom’s Choice are in support of any celebratory week (and gear!) that helps bring us closer to our babies!

Women across the United States celebrated in unique ways, with organizations running giveaways and contests, special events where women wear their little ones in public, and post pictures donning their favorite methods of carrying.

Other moms, however, got a little more creative, and a lot more public. Susie Martin, a national meteorologist, chose to babywear in one of the least likely places: right in front of the camera while on the job!

Weekend National Forecast (featuring a special guest!)

Meteorologist Susie Martin and a special guest host your national forecast today. Unfortunately, her assistant was found sleeping on the job… We apologize for the inconvenience….#IBW2018 #babywearing #weather #meteorologist

Posted by Praedictix on Friday, October 5, 2018

Martin wore her 21-month-old son in a soft woven wrap baby carrier, and to be honest, he seemed less-than enthused to be there. Lifting his sleepy little head for a moment at the beginning of the segment, he quickly settled into place and made his way off to dreamland. “It is International Babywearing Week, so I thought I’d bring out my handy assistant today,” Martin shares. “He’s gonna help walk us through the forecast.”

It’s just plain adorable.

When asked why she wore her child on air, Martin responded, “Babywearing has been a passion of mine since my son came into my world. It has been an invaluable tool for me as a mother and helped me and my son bond during the early stages of infancy. Not only that, but it was and still is incredibly liberating to be able to comfort my child whilst doing other tasks, which has helped me be a happier mom. To this day, it is a source of comfort and calmness for him.”

I agree. We have pictures of my husband and I both wearing our children doing all sorts of things: cooking dinner, washing dishes, running errands, even playing guitar! It frees parents up to continue doing what is necessary, and provides a lot of comfort for our little ones. Being snuggled close to us is what they want the most.

There are incredible women in all sorts of places who, by their words and actions, are normalizing parenthood in wonderful ways. Taking babies to work and exposing others to the various ways we raise our youngest society members is vital- for them and for us.

I think I may be more inclined to tune into the news if I knew I would see a totally rad mom wearing her precious baby now and then!



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