Life Changing Mom Tip!

Life Changing Mom Tip

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Moms! Are you listening? I have a LIFE CHANGING tip for you!
Okay, maybe not life changing, but seriously, it works and is practically free to make.

“It’s my turn!” “I want to go first!” “Why can’t I ever be first?” “I want it now!” “Who gets to go first?” “Can I go next?” “Whhhhhyyyyyy?”

Life Changing Mom Tip!Any mother can relate to these phrases ⬆ AMIRIGHT? I am pretty sure I was going to go insane hearing these questions. If you asked my kids, they probably would have told you that I WAS insane (Okay, they will probably tell you that I still am insane. But, I digress.) I needed a solution to the “take turns” chaos that ensues in my home every day all day at all times. This little jar was my savior. It was my breath of ‘fair’ air. It was a much needed break from trying to remember who exactly went first last time, or the time before that, or the time before that time… Good grief! I mean, who has time to remember who was the last one that brushed their teeth first in the downstairs bathroom (morning and evening, cause you know, it’s different)? Or who sat in the 3rd chair from the left in the second row of the van last?

All you need are popsicle sticks. Number each popsicle stick for each little one that “never gets to go first”. Throw them in a jar of any sort – and voila! Everyone takes a turn pulling a stick and your number is YOUR NUMBER in line! Throw the jar in your purse, in the car for those extra long rides or keep it in the kitchen for easy access. Take it with you wherever you go.
Phew – life can commence (until the next time the 2-year-old doesn’t get her way).


Kristin GambacciniAbout Kristin Gambaccini

Kristin is a married, 30-something SAH mom of 8 (yes, eight!)  Aside from her ‘Mom Job’ of changing diapers, perfecting pb&j sandwiches and making parental mistakes daily, she repurposes and up-cycles other people’s trash into items she can sell. She is a bit of a decor enthusiast, but typically has a budget of around $0, which means she has to get really creative. So, basically, her super power is making crap from junk. But, her most important life work is what happens in the walls of her small-ish home. She is a mediocre parent attempting to raise a tribe of exceptional people and documents her journey with a bit of humor and a whole lot of honesty on my blog Perfectly DeStressed.

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Life Changing Mom Tips


4 Comments on “Life Changing Mom Tip!”

  1. WOW! This tip is genius! I’ve got two girls and 3 nephews who are always together and all I hear is “I had it first” ALLLL day! Definitely going to give this a try!

  2. this is amazing!! what a fabulous idea. i hear all of those every single day. my oldest is autistic too so she handles it pretty bad when she isn’t first at something. i am totally trying this

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