Kate Middleton Glows After Birth of Third Baby, but People Still Comment On Her Postpartum Belly

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have already heard the good news: The British royal family has welcomed their newest member! Prince William and Duchess Kate gave birth to a little boy on Monday, and the entire world is already in love.

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As with most things royal, the family’s every move is being tracked and scrutinized, for better or worse. The press posted outside of the hospital, awaiting their first glimpses of the newest sweetheart of Britain and his parents. When they did appear, Kate and William were all smiles holding their son, wrapped in white. The public was abuzz, as usual, discussing Kate’s choice of outfit: a beautiful bright red dress and her signature heels.

It’s no secret that British royalty is expected to look well-groomed and polished at all times. Every time Kate emerges from the hospital, usually just hours after giving birth, she is pulled together and glowing (which amazes me!). No yoga pants and messy bun for this princess!

Here’s the thing. Kate dons her royal responsibilities with such grace, I think the world is astounded and fascinated by her. Everything about her public persona is policed by expectation: her (lack of) public displays of affection with her husband, the color nail polish she can wear (nudes only), and even the way she holds a teacup!

There is one thing surrounding the royal pregnancy and birth, though, that I cannot get past: peoples’ utter confusion about her postpartum belly. I can’t count the number of comments and articles I’ve seen over the past several years to the tune of, “Why does Kate still look pregnant?” or “Why is her belly so large?” This birth is no different, unfortunately.

And here’s the reason I love her: I’m pretty sure she chooses to display her belly proudly to get the conversation started; to demystify a woman’s body after birth. Her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, while incredibly beautiful as she presented herself and her babies post-birth, chose to hide her postpartum belly under a tent-like dress. I would venture to say that many of us chose to do the same in the days, weeks, and even months after birth. It’s, culturally, not something we are proud of, and as evidenced by peoples’ reactions to Kate’s body, many people are not aware that it takes about a month for a woman’s uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy size.

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So Kate, who calculates every move she makes, and who dresses and acts so intentionally, displays her post-baby belly. No large, flowy dresses, no shielding herself with her arms, baby, or husband. After George was born, she even wore a flattering empire-waist dress and tucked her hands underneath her now-empty stomach, as if to frame it! And I must say, I love her for it.

In a time where celebrities hide from the limelight immediately after giving birth and re-emerge, post-tummy tuck and crazy workout regimen, on the front cover of glamour magazines whose titles say things like, “How I got my pre-baby body back in 30 days!”, it’s incredibly refreshing to see a woman who, while done up, isn’t afraid to let her body be what it is.

It’s a great rule of thumb to refrain from ever commenting on a pregnant and postpartum woman’s body. In such a vulnerable time, the last thing we need to be thinking about is other peoples’ perception of our physical beauty. Kate looks like she’s doing a wonderful job of basking in the afterglow of meeting her newest little one… and also proving a point. Bravo, Kate!



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10 Comments on “Kate Middleton Glows After Birth of Third Baby, but People Still Comment On Her Postpartum Belly”

  1. Some people need to focus their attention on real world issues rather than the size of a woman’s postpartum belly.

  2. I think it’s amazing how beautiful she looks just hours after giving birth – sh’es an amazing woman in the face of the public who should be praised for her strength and not criticized over her very small post partum belly.

  3. Oh people 😂 It doesn’t take a day to grow that baby condo, so it doesn’t go away in a day either. #UnrealisticExpectations #Congratulations #RoyalBaby

  4. Why should she cover up her belly. People are so mean. She just had a baby what 6 hours beforehand and this is what she looks like? I wish I looked like that on any given day. She is so beautiful, graceful and seems like such a nice person. People need to leave her alone. I think her and William are fantastic role models. I wish I could be friends with them! haha

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