Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winners Raveena, Diya, and Amisha Duggal

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Mom’s Choice Awards is excited to announce another post in our interview series where we chat with the inventors, designers, publishers, and others behind some of our favorite family-friendly products.

Hello, Mom’s Choice readers! Thank you for joining us for another installment of our interview series. We were honored to speak with Parveen Duggal, the mother of the Mom’s Choice Award-winning authors Raveena, Diya and Amisha Duggal. Raveena, Diya and Amisha Duggal are the three young authors behind the MCA award-winning book, Three Bunny Sisters. Keep reading to learn more about how Three Bunny Sisters came to be!

MCA: Hello, Parveen! I would first like to congratulate you and your daughters on the success of their award-winning book, Three Bunny Sisters! Thank you for allowing our readers to get an understanding of the authors behind the story. My first question is, can you tell us a little about the authors, Raveena, Diya, and Amisha Duggal?

Raveena and Diya Duggal are winners of the 2019 Diana Award

Raveena and Diya Duggal are winners of the 2019 Diana Award.

Parveen: Raveena (age 13), Diya (age 10) and Amisha Duggal (age 6) are all sisters who designed and created “Three Bunny Sisters”. Raveena and Diya are winners of the 2019 Diana Award for their own charity work, and also won the City of Sarnia’s Mayor Honor List Award in 2018.  Amisha Duggal is a more recent part of the group, but despite her young age, she is always very helpful in charity events. The sisters have hosted charity garage sales, bake sales, and even selling their own toys. The sisters also started their own business called “Princess Boutique Designs” where they made their own hair scrunchies and handmade soap & bath bombs & body scrubs. They designed their own unique soaps from scratch and also donated some of the proceeds from the sale of these products to various charities. The kids have also donated their hair to the Canadian Cancer Society for the “wig” program and encouraged other friends and family to donate as well. All the kids enjoy reading and swimming, as well as dancing. All of the girls also play the piano and are learning guitar as well.

MCA: Wow, Raveena, Diya and Amisha have had many accomplishments, and at such young ages! It sounds like the girls are very ambitious. What was the path to becoming writers like for them? What inspired them?

Parveen: The girls all enjoy reading, which inspired them to write their own stories. They have written stories since they were quite young. All 3 are very creative, and enjoy working on their own skits, including their own YouTube channel (Toy Kingdom), and writing scripts for short films that they have created. It has been a dream of theirs to have their own book and write a story that would impact other kids their age.

MCA: Was it that dream what lead to them to write Three Bunny Sisters?

Parveen: The kids had been doing charity work for various foundations, including the Canadian Cancer Society and Plan International Because I Am A Girl Initiative, and this charity work was the inspiration for writing “Three Bunny Sisters”. They wanted to tell other children their own story and inspire them to do their own charity work and give back to their communities. The authors enjoy working together and wanted to show the power of teamwork.

MCA: I think they did just that, Three Bunny Sisters is filled with inspiration and some serious girl power! What has the response been like from readers?

Parveen: The response from readers has been overwhelmingly positive. Readers have enjoyed the colorful illustrations and the catchy song in the story. The message of helping others in the book is also very positive, and a great lesson for kids of all ages. Readers also liked the idea of parents working with their kids to achieve an important goal.

MCA: There are a lot of lessons taught throughout Three Bunny Sisters that children can apply to their everyday life. Can you elaborate on some of these different lessons?

Parveen: The lesson that helping others is an important and noble goal, is resonating throughout the book. It’s important for kids to learn that you should give back to your community, as there are always people in need. There is also a message of teamwork, and how together you can make the world a better place, even if you are young in age!

MCA: Those are some very important lessons indeed. You stated that Raveena, Diya and Amisha have won awards for their charity work, can you describe what kind of projects they have been involved with?

Raveena (age 13), Diya (age 10) and Amisha Duggal (age 6)

Raveena (age 13), Diya (age 10) and Amisha Duggal (age 6).

Parveen: The girls have done work with the Canadian Cancer Society, the local Woman’s Interval Home, the WE charity, and Plan International Canada. The kids did their own charity garage sales to raise money for various causes, and also did the “wig” program for the Canadian Cancer Society. The kids also do bake sales and made their own popcorn and “mystery bags” to raise money for the various foundations. The kids have also done countless Garage Sales selling their own toys and clothes!



MCA: All of the work these young authors are doing is amazing to see. As I’ve said before, Raveena, Diya and Amisha have had quite a lot of achievements for their ages, particularly as authors of Three Bunny Sisters. How have they managed to accomplish so much success at such young ages?

Parveen: The girls are very ambitious in setting goals for themselves but are more strongly motivated by their desire to help others. They have realized at a young age the joy of helping others in need, and that has been the strongest driving force leading to their successes.

MCA: Finally, if they could ensure readers of the MCA award-winning story, Three Bunny Sisters, walk away with one main message, what would that message be?

Parveen: They hope readers will be inspired to do their own charity work, as it is a very kind and noble deed. They want others to be kind and empathetic towards their community and learn about the joy of giving back to others who are less fortunate.

You can learn more about Raveena, Diya and Amisha Duggal and their award-winning book, Three Bunny Sisters, by visiting their MCA Shop page!

Raveena, Diya and Amisha MCA Interview


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