Interview with Catherine Seifert, Inventor of Car Caché

Car Cache

Mom’s Choice Awards is excited to announce another post in our interview series where we chat with the inventors, designers, publishers, and others behind some of our favorite family-friendly products.

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Car Cache We were fortunate enough to speak with Catherine Seifert, inventor if the award-winning Car Caché. Catherine’s career journey set her on a path to make what seemed impossible very possible. She started her career selling computers for IBM. Catherine then opened (2) eCommerce Packaging and Fulfillment Houses taking them to Core Supplier Status with P&G and Microsoft – back when people didn’t even know what eCommerce was. From there, she became Vice President at Cincinnati Bell launching their IT outsourcing solution for small and medium size businesses. Next, Catherine opened her own firm, providing over $23MM in funding to small businesses that could not qualify for traditional loans.

All these experiences have made her most recent journey quite easy (compared to most new product launches!). Catherine invented the Car Cache’, a patented solution for a problem for women worldwide – where to store their purse while driving so that it is upright, accessible, and out of the passengers’ way. On the first day of launch outside of Cincinnati, Amazon’s Headquarters saw the product and called her to see if they could put up an online storefront. They stated “We have nothing like this.  This is going to be big!”  Eight months later, she signed with a large consumer licensing firm to take the Car Cache’ to over 100,000 retailers. In the first year of sales, they sold over 1MM units, generating $12MM in retail sales. After recently receiving a patent on the product, Catherine has taken back rights from the licensing firm so that she can reap the benefits of selling to the retailers herself.

We loved hearing about her inspiration behind this innovative product and we know you will too! The full interview is published below.

MCA: Car Caché is a patented invention that fits in your car to keep your handbag close by, accessible, upright, clean, and out of passengers’ way. Can you tell us what inspired you to make this handbag holder?

Catherine: I was so tired of having my handbag falling over on the passenger seat onto the floor, having my son place his feet on my handbag when I had to place it on the passenger floormat, and tired of stretching as far as a I can when reaching for my handbag in the backseat.  Plus, my husband was tired of holding it when I was driving 😊

Car Cache Back with Purse

MCA: As a Mom, I can attest to that and I think all moms can relate…especially their husbands. Can you tell us how your product works?

Catherine: The Car Caché forms a ‘hammock/cup’ behind the center console for you to literally ‘toss’ your purse into it when you get in the car.  Since the weight of the purse resides in the ‘hammock’ it doesn’t fall out – even with a hard stop. There is a pocket too which is great for small items like CDs, umbrellas, gloves, charging cords, etc.

MCA: If your purse is anything like mine, it weighs a ton and feels like I am reaching into the never ending abyss when searching for something! Is the Car Caché easy to install?

Catherine: 3 Easy Steps – No tools required:

  • Step 1: Wrap strings around console lid tightening the slider against back of console. Then tie a knot to keep from slipping over time. If the slider interferes with closure of the lid, just remove the slider and tie a knot.

Car Cache Install

  • Step 2: Take the carabiner clips across the Front of the Front Seats and attach to the headrestposts Closest to the Doors.

Car Cache Install Step 2

  • Step 3: Adjust the straps depending on the size of your handbag to forma cup/hammock behind the console to allow for easy insertion and removal of the purse.


MCA: Ok, even I can handle that! Does it work is any car model and any size handbag?

Catherine: Car Caché only requires two things: Center console that opens from the front and Accessible headrest posts. By lengthening the straps based on the size of the handbag to form a ‘hammock/cup’ behind the console, it should hold even the largest handbags.  If the space between the seats is very narrow, then the handbag will have to be inserted vertically with most of the weight residing in the Car Caché.

MCA: My handbag might put it to the test! What’s next for your company? Any new inventions?

Catherine: Currently, the Car Caché is only sold on Amazon and we will be presenting to the large retailers in 2018.

MCA: That is big! I can’t wait to see it on the shelves and I know others are looking forward to it as well. What a great invention. We are always looking for things to make our lives as parents easier!

 Thanks to Catherine Seifert for taking the time to chat with us! You can visit the Car Caché website here.

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