Husband Pens Adoring Note After Filling Mom’s Shoes For 48 Hours

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A mother’s work is never through.

We are the chauffeurs, the short-order cooks, the boo-boo kissers, the schedule-keepers, the tutors. We, most of the time, are the holder of the keys. If things are to run smoothly, it’s in our hands. We carry that weight. It’s not easy, right?

The heaviness of these roles is not lost on those who have them. Even with the most supportive partners, it’s easy to feel invisible, because much of this work is done when nobody else is there to bear witness.

That’s why it all goes south when mom is down for the count: and nothing brings us down like a good old-fashioned tummy bug!

Mom blogger Laura Mazza was hit hard with some type of nasty virus that left her unable to do what she normally does, which is running the household. Her husband was left to hold it all together, and let’s just say their three children were unrelenting! In the chaos, he wrote her a love note of sorts.

Laura qualifies in her post that her husband has always been a beautiful writer, and that he gave her permission to post. She also makes sure to add that he is a very hands-on father, which makes his sentiments even more impactful.

My husband has always been quite poetic and writes lovely things, always has, since we first started dating. He sent me…

Posted by Laura Mazza – Mum on the Run on Sunday, June 9, 2019

“I have always thought your job as a mum is important. I’ve never doubted how much you do. But I underestimated it,” he says. “For five years you’ve never left the kids to cry. You never want them to be alone. I also know now that even if you start in bed with me, you end up in Luca’s bed anyway, which is not sleeping by the way. That kid kicked me in the balls at least 18 times. You are the most selfless person I know. How do you do that every night?”

Excuse us, we’re laughing. Carry on.

After he admits that he’s given up cooking and has fed the children McDonald’s and KFC every night, he goes on to dote on his wife, who, “even between [her] vomits, tried to get up and do stuff and clean.” That’s a warrior right there. He then confesses that he thought it might actually be better to have the tummy bug than try to clean up with the kids around and be her for a few days.

This is the type of validation every mother craves, am I right? It gets better, too.

“I believed you when you said James was clingy, but that kid isn’t just like Velcro, he is super glue,” he admits. “I had to hold him and do things with one hand while Sofia turned into the devil and Luca didn’t listen to me. I did that wild scream you did. I know where it comes from now. I was you for 48 hours and now I understand why you lock the door at night to have that shower. I’m exhausted. You are a good mother my beautiful wife. Never doubt yourself.”

I really think that his note sums up everything we ever wanted to hear. Validation, encouragement, honesty, and heart-felt compliments to the hard work that is raising little humans day after day. Laura, you and your husband are clearly doing it right!


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9 Comments on “Husband Pens Adoring Note After Filling Mom’s Shoes For 48 Hours”

  1. As a husband watching the role my wife played as a working mum I learned to respect and admire the ongoing commitment from her……four kids keeps a parent on the go constantly, even more so if they work as well….my wife never wavered and I praise that…..I too made my contribution so I know what she did through doing it myself

  2. What a beautiful gesture, and so true! Moms do do a lot of the work of raising kids sometimes feeling like their work goes unnoticed or unappreciated.

  3. If only every husband would put themselves in their wives shoes for 48 hours!! What a thoughtful yet hilarious husband! I loved his comparisons!

  4. Omg this story is so rea and I totally get it Being a Mom is so hard even when you are well let alone being ill My daughter is chronically ill and has 2 children one with PANDAS and autism and the other with chronic lyme trust me her husband gets it and works from home often to give her a break

  5. That letter is so sweet. Getting a letter like that would be more to me than any gift that could be bought.

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