Mom’s Hilarious Moana Parody is Every Overdue Pregnant Woman Ever

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Since November, households across the nation have been filled with the sounds of children (and, okay, their parents, too) belting Moana’s tunes: “Let it Go” has been replaced with, “How Far I’ll Go”, another, newer, Disney favorite. I’ll be honest, we’re big fans around here!

Danielle Murphy, a mother of four, soon-to-be five, little girls, was due with her newest on April 17, which is coming up on two weeks ago. If you’ve ever been pregnant before, you probably feel immense sympathy for Danielle, as I do. At the very end of most pregnancies, days feel like weeks, weeks like years. When you’re past that glorious due date on your calendar, things move at a snail’s pace.

Murphy decided to put her feelings to Moana’s all-too-familiar tune, and it is spot on. Changing the title to, “How Long I’ll Go,”, she belts out, “Thought I wasn’t prepared, now my due date’s behind me, can’t reach my toes, now I know there’s just no telling how long I’ll go!”

From her frustrated looks in her husband’s direction as he snoozes comfortably to the intense nesting urges we all get as we approach labor, it’s all too real. Danielle tells Babble, “I loved being able to be lighthearted about being so far overdue instead of miserable and complaining about it.”

Attitude is everything, Danielle. Thanks for giving us a good laugh! From all of us here at Mom’s Choice, we hope your wait is almost over!



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  1. My sister is 34yrs old and having her 2nd baby….1st girl!! She was due May 08 but STILL NO BABY….she is so miserable….its funny! Hopefully tonight!

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