GIVEAWAY: Where Is My Daddy NOW? Book

We’re giving away this award-winning children’s book about PTSD to 3 lucky winners!

This story takes place on Memorial Day when we take our granddaughter to visit her Daddy at Tahoma National Cemetery. He was a Veteran who served three tours in Iraq. He suffered from untreated PTSD and was ultimately killed at home by the local police. He leaves behind three young children; ages 5 years, 2 years and 8 months. His daughter had a very special relationship with her Daddy and she didn’t understand why she couldn’t see him anymore. When at the cemetery she began asking some very important questions about where he was. This story is how we answered her thought provoking questions, which seemed to give her hope. We also include information for parents about what PTSD is, the symptoms and when to get help. We also chose to include English and Spanish because more than fifty percent of the people serving with our boys overseas are Hispanic.

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GIVEAWAY: Where Is My Daddy NOW? Book

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7 Comments on “GIVEAWAY: Where Is My Daddy NOW? Book”

  1. Wow what an amazing story this sounds Like! I suffer from PTSD myself and am glad that this book challenges a child’s mind to help try and explain what condition her father suffered from. Great story thanks for sharing the info with us!

  2. Wow what an amazing story veterns go thru alot everyday with ptsd my father inlaw was in Vietnam as a helacopter piolit is so sad that the kids also suffer when a parent is in the military thats why we should always thank them for there service if we every come across a military person being nice could make there day /ptsd alittle better . I hope to win this book it sounds amazing .

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