Giveaway: The Sad Little Wildflower

Giveaway: The Sad Little Wildflower

We are giving away signed copies of this award-winning children’s book, “The Sad Little Wildflower” by Yvonne M Morgan to 3 lucky winners!​

About the book:

Do you ever wish you were someone else? The Sad Little Wildflower wishes she could be a beautiful pink rose instead of just a weed. After she meets Jesus, the sad little wildflower learns that she does have a purpose.

Then our sad little wildflower finds out she can be happy just the way God made her. Jesus turns her into a sunny pink lady. God reminds all of us in Psalm 39:14 that “I am wonderfully made.”

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Giveaway: The Sad Little Wildflower

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Entry for this giveaway will close on June 3rd, 2022 at noon EST.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to find such great books and wonderful new authors for all of your loyal followers!

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