Giveaway: Princess Sabrina and the Pot of Gold (Signed)

Giveaway: Princess Sabrina and the Pot of Gold (Signed)

We are giving away signed copies of the award-winning book “Princess Sabrina and the Pot of Gold” by Michael Pellico to 6 lucky winners!

About the book:

A classic adventure, a king, a beautiful princess, leprechauns, magic, mermaids, dragons, creatures, castles, good vs evil, a battle, and a race against time…it has all of the ingredients needed for an epic story.

About some American kids that go on a trip to Ireland. When they arrive a storm rolls in shortly after, and they notice an amazing rainbow and decide to go into the woods and try and find its end. To their amazement they find it and a massive pot of gold. They take the treasure and get the attention of the leprechauns who whisk them away into a parallel realm where they are the guests of a leprechaun king. They quickly find out things are not as they appear in this realm. They discover that Princess Sabrina, the rightful queen-to-be was being held captive in the dungeon of the King’s castle.

After rescuing her they find out they’re in a unique position to help restore this world back to the way it’s supposed to be. An amazing adventure ensues where they will ride magical creatures on a quest to find special weapons that only human children can wield, and to fight alongside Princess Sabrina, a strong female warrior who will lead a battle against the evil Leprechaun King and his army.

This is an amazing adventure story that will captivate both boys and girls and make them want to follow every rainbow to find the pot of gold that will lead them to the land of the Leprechauns.

Princess Sabrina and the Pot of Gold is a beautifully curated storybook that playfully pays homage to storybooks of yesteryear; printed on high quality paper with upscale decorative elements on the pages and glitter foil embellishments on the cover.

Written by Michael Pellico and Illustrated by Malane Newman. This is a 69-page beautifully illustrated chapter book that features 33 full page detailed illustrations depicting key moments throughout this epic story.

Ages 6-12

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Giveaway: Princess Sabrina and the Pot of Gold (Signed)

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  1. The granddaughters will really enjoy this book as their Nana and Papa are leaving for Ireland at the end of September.

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