Giveaway: Pete Cluckington and the Others

Giveaway: Pete Cluckington and the Others

We’re giving away this award-winning book, Pete Cluckington and the Others from award-winning author, Melody Monroe to 3 lucky winners!

About the book:

Pete Cluckington is a young chicken who is just starting the third grade at a brand new school on a brand new farm. He was born and raised on a chicken farm but is now living on a farm with a diverse animal population. Adjusting to his new surroundings is difficult because of his parents’ negative views of all the other kinds of animals. Deep in his heart, Pete wants to make friends with the other animals, but is torn between his own desire and honoring his parents’ feelings. Will Pete ever find the courage to try to make friends with the other animals? What will his parents think?
Elementary Schoolers Ages 7-11

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Giveaway: Pete Cluckington and the Others!

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