Giveaway: It’s OK Little Rain Cloud to Cry (Paperback)

Giveaway It's OK Little Rain Cloud to Cry

We are giving away copies of the award-winning children’s book, “It’s OK Little Rain Cloud to Cry” by Charlie Shull to 10 lucky winners!

About the book:

Children’s picture book about mental health and learning healthy coping skills. Around the whole world, we as humans are hurting right now. Depression, anxiety, fear, and behavioral addictions are all on the rise, and understandably so. Sadly, many of us never saw healthy coping skills modeled by our parents or peers. But how can we, as imperfect people, be good role models? How can we even start such big conversations with our little ones? It all starts with a simple question: how are you feeling today?

When you join The Little Rain Cloud community, you are joining a global movement to change the future and make our world a healthier and happier place, simply by making space for emotions. You do not have to be perfect, you just need to share how you feel.

Together, the story and song of “It’s OK Little Rain Cloud to Cry” help teach kids (and adults too) how to share and cope with their feelings in healthy ways. At first, your kids will see that the Little Rain Cloud is sad, tries to avoid its feelings, and then runs away. But after the Mountain sings the “It’s OK Little Rain Cloud to Cry” song, the Little Rain Cloud shares its feelings and cries through the whole valley, bringing new life and happiness after the rain.

You can create your own version of the song, listen to the angelic Charity Waweru singing the “official version” (streaming everywhere), or learn how to play the song yourself using the music lead sheet that is included in the book. Even if you can’t sing, like Charlie the author, try singing this song the next time you feel mad or sad or just a little blue.

Gotta watch the book trailer too. It was made by kids for kids so that kids can see their peers modeling healthy coping skills. WARNING: it’s absolutely precious so be prepared to laugh, cry, or laugh and cry at the same time. Find it on Charlie’s author profile, YouTube, or Instagram.

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Giveaway: It’s OK Little Rain Cloud to Cry (Paperback)

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