Little Girl with Muscular Dystrophy Wows the World with Her Paintings

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Ekaterina Borodulkina, otherwise known as Kate, was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy when she was just 3 months old. Muscular Dystrophy, a group of diseases that leads to muscle degeneration because of mutated genes, is incurable. Throughout a child’s life, their muscles gradually become weaker and weaker, causing subsequent health problems and an inability to perform many basic tasks.

But that’s precisely what makes Kate’s talent even more beautiful.

Ekaterina Yulia Borodulkina

For much of her young life, vigorous therapy sessions and appointments left her with little energy to pursue anything that made her happy. As she aged, Kate’s ability to sit up on her own or hold her head up was eventually lost, too.

Although she’s either bound by a wheelchair or laid on the ground, Kate has still been able to discover and develop a talent so great that it’s left the internet astonished: she can paint beautifully, even though she’s almost entirely immobile.


The benefits of making art are apparent when you realize that even lifting her hand causes Kate pain. Still, she perseveres, perfecting her craft with a huge smile on her face, almost as though she’s unable to feel her body fighting against her. With all of the therapy that Kate undergoes day in and day out, it must feel like relief to put her brush to the canvas and watch the beauty that flows out of her natural ability.

Ekaterina’s life and talent undoubtedly have struck a chord with viewers around the world because people love to see goodness coming from hardship. If this little girl can create masterpieces while nearly motionless and in constant pain from a degenerative disease, what can we, should we be doing with our lives? We’re cheering for you, Kate, keep using your abilities in wonderful ways!



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  1. What a wonderful, inspiring story! It’s great to hear what talents Kate has and how’s she’s overcoming muscular dystrophy to do the things that make her happy

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