How to Get Kids Excited About Going Back to School

How to get kids excited about going back to school

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Anthony J. D’Angelou said it best in his quote “Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” Now that summer is transitioning into fall and it’s time once again for students to go back to school, it’s important now more than ever to encourage your children to get excited about learning.

The last year and a half have been incredibly difficult for students everywhere, many of whom were deprived of all the best parts about going to school – seeing their friends, participating in fun events, going on field trips, etc. Unfortunately, this loss has created a struggle for many students: they not only have to catch up on any material they may have missed last year, but they have also lost the motivation to learn.

So as parents and educators, it’s time to bring back the joys of learning as our kids get ready to go back to school! Here are some amazing ways to help encourage the children in your life to get excited about learning.

Show Them How Excited You Are!

Children emulate what they see, so it stands to reason that if you show them constantly how excited you are about learning and going back to school, they’ll start to get excited, too! Remind them of all the fun they’ll have this year – of all the friends they’ll see, events they’ll participate in, and field trips they may go on.

Tell them about how cool their classes are and how much you loved your classes when you were their age! Let them hear your fun stories about art in elementary school, band in middle school, and science labs in high school.

By showing them that you have shared interests and were able to accomplish a lot of amazing and cool things in school, it will help excite them for all the fun they’re going to have!
how to get kids excited about going back to school

Take Some Time to Read and Write – For Fun!

Reading and writing at home can be a great way to incorporate learning into their daily lifestyle and get them excited about going back to school. These activities offer opportunities for creativity and wonder and give them a chance to see that learning isn’t all boring facts and long lectures, but it’s also lots of fun!

One way my family really made me love school growing up was by taking time to read together a few nights a week. We would choose a book – The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, etc. – and read a chapter a few nights a week, taking turns to allow everyone the chance to narrate the story. This time was not only a great chance for us to bond as a family but also drove home for me how much fun I could have learning and reading.

Offering creative educational experiences at home can help your kids better enjoy school and learning because it shows that education isn’t all about facts and tests – it’s also about broadening your horizons and using your imagination!

Learn Cool Things at Home!

Some kids may not enjoy reading as much as others, and that’s completely okay – however, reading and writing aren’t the only ways to get kids excited about their education and going back to school. Learning cool things at home as a family can be both another great bonding experience and a way to teach them that school is fun!

For those kids who enjoy a more hands-on experience with education and need more interactive activities to get them ready for going back to school, looking up fun experiments or utilizing interesting, educational games at home can be a great way to convince them that learning and school can be really interesting.

Plus, you’re never too old to learn new things yourself! Don’t be afraid to get excited about your learning activities – remember, if you’re excited, they’re excited.

Take an Interest in Their School Day!

Another great way to get kids ready for back to school and encourage them to actively enjoy their school experience is by taking an interest in their school day. Ask them about the things they learned, about the subjects they liked or didn’t like, and use the time at home as an opportunity to keep the discussions about their lessons going!

The more interest you take in your children, their day, and their lessons, the more they will grow to consider their education to be interesting and relevant. If we don’t feel like anyone really cares about what we’re doing, we won’t want to care about it either.

By taking a moment to say “Hey, that’s awesome what you learned, tell me more!” you’ll encourage them to get more excited about their lessons and, in turn, motivate them to enjoy and take an interest in their education.

Positive Reinforcement is a Great Way to Keep Them Interested!

We all love to be rewarded for our accomplishments – that’s simply a fact of life. Kids are no different, and seeing that being active with their lessons and excited about going back to school can lead to cool rewards may be just the push they need to become interested in their education.

Obviously, we don’t want to bribe our kids to do good in school or convince them that when they are not getting a reward, they are somehow failing or doing badly – but showing that good things will come if we put in the effort can be a positive way to reinforce the importance of education.

It’s not necessarily the outcome that should be rewarded, but rather the investment they put into school. Are they doing their homework? Are they trying to learn more about their lessons outside of school? Are they attempting to actively participate in their lessons to the best of their abilities? These are all aspects of learning that should be rewarded, whether through affirmations, stickers, or small prizes.

By rewarded their efforts, you can keep them interested in school and excited about learning, even during times when they may be struggling to understand certain concepts. By rewarded effort instead of outcome, you are also showing them that while we may not always succeed, what is important is that we work hard and keep trying.

Always Be Sure to Compliment Them on Their Achievements!

Another thing we all love: verbal affirmation. When someone tells us we’re doing well, that we’re intelligent, that we’re impressive, it makes us feel like we genuinely are those things. Compliments can go a long way when trying to encourage someone to get motivated or excited about a specific activity.

That also stands with children and getting them motivated about going back to school – if remind your children that they are smart, hard-working, talented, and wonderful, then you give them the confidence to keep trying, even when they themselves may not feel like they are those things.

After a year of struggle, disappointment, and confusion, many students have lost the confidence and motivation necessary to get them excited about school and learning. By reminding them that they are incredible and wonderful people who can do amazing things, you help them regain that confidence and motivation, pushing them to become more interested and active in their education.

Do you know of more ways to get kids excited about learning and going back to school? Tell us in the comments!

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