Fun Ways to Celebrate Labor Day with Your Family

Fun Ways to Celebrate Labor Day with Your Family

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Labor Day symbolizes a lot of different things to different people: as a holiday, it is meant to celebrate the achievements of American workers. Traditionally, it’s symbolic of the last day people are supposed to wear white until Memorial Day. And seasonally, Labor Day marks the last true weekend of summer, giving way to the chilly breezes and orangey hues of Autumn.

So how can we celebrate this last huzzah to summer, the last chance for many children to enjoy the freedoms of summer before going back to school? Here are some of our favorite ways to spend Labor Day weekend with the family to celebrate the end of summer!

Have A Good Old-Fashioned BBQ

Fun Ways to Celebrate Labor Day with Your FamilyA favorite way to spend Labor Day weekend for many families is a good old-fashioned cookout! A cookout is a great opportunity for all grillers and bbq-ers to bring out their grills and smokers and cook their favorite ribs, burgers, hot dogs, and other delicious goodies for the whole family.

It’s also a great way to bond with friends and extended family in an affordable, inclusive way. Cookouts are a great opportunity where you can mix, mingle, and hang out with the people you love in a comfortable, low-pressure way.

Plus, the food is incredibly yummy – and who doesn’t love an assortment of delicious grilled foods. If you’re looking to add to your buffet this year, try grilling fruit and donuts for dessert. It’s incredibly yummy and a crowd-pleaser in every situation.

Visit A Museum

Want to do something fun and different for Labor Day that both you and your kids will enjoy? Try visiting your local museums! For those who live in bigger cities, there are plenty of affordable museums for you to decide from. Whether it’s a history museum, art museum, science museum, or so on, they will all have exhibits and activities that are fun for the whole family.

Museums are also a great way to transition your children from summer brain to school ready – it’s fun, but it’s also an educational experience where they can learn interesting facts and lessons while looking at cool exhibits. Showing how exciting museums and learning can be can also show your children how amazing school is and make them excited to go back to class.

Go To the Movie Theater

If the weather is a little too warm to spend Labor Day outside, movie theaters are a great option for enjoying your extra off day with your family. Movie theaters offer a fun experience that is always a big win for both parents and children alike. Plus, yummy snacks are always a big bonus.

Whether you’re watching a special showing of an older film or the newest animation released by a major studio, there’s something so magical about the big screen experience. Going to see a movie in theaters was always such a special experience for me as a kid, and still to this day remains one of my favorite ways to spend my off days.

Take A Mini-Vacay

Labor Day isn’t just about the day itself – it’s also about Labor Day weekend as a whole. And what better way to spend a long weekend than to go on a mini-vacation with the family to someplace you’ve never been before?

I once had a teacher in high school who said that during a long weekend, he and his family would hop in the car with a map and drive until they reached a town they’d never been to before, then spend the weekend exploring this new place.

I’ve always remembered that story as an experience that sounded so cool and fun, and it inspired me to spend a lot of time after my move driving to the historic and interesting cities in my new state. Seeing all these new towns and the nuances that make them special has been a great way for me and my family to expand our horizons (literally) and learn more about places we may never have visited otherwise.

Have A Movie Night in The Backyard

What better way to continue your Labor Day cookout than a Labor Day cookout/movie night? Once all the bellies are full and everyone is feeling warm and happy, it’s time to pull out the lawn blankets and projector and put on a fun, family movie.

While seeing a movie in a theater is magical, projecting a movie while enjoying the warm summer night weather is equally as magical. The idea that you’re experiencing a normal activity in a new setting is what makes it special, and doing that activity with the people you love is what makes it so much fun.

Plan A Day of Games and Snacks

One way my family enjoys spending our off days – especially during long weekends like Labor Day weekend – is by having a day of board games, video games, and finger foods. We always call them “football food” – the dips, desserts, and snacks we eat during football season – and we love making them on days when we enjoy some friendly family competition.

Let everyone pick out their favorite games and during the day, rotate through them all so everyone has a chance to choose the game (that way there isn’t any fighting about who gets to pick what you play). Whether it’s trivia games, role-playing games, or video games, having a game day would be a fun way to bond with your family and challenge each other in a healthy, happy way.

Go Visit the Beach or the Pool

If you live somewhere near a beach or pool, visiting the water can be a great way to spend Labor Day and celebrate the end of summer. Nothing symbolizes summer more for a southerner like me than mosquitoes and the beach, so every year when the weather heats up, we always take the opportunity to go swimming.

As autumn begins to sweep through and the weather changes from hot to chilly, the opportunities to visit the pool or beach will begin to dwindle. So, take this long weekend as a chance to enjoy the last of the warm weather and sandy beaches.

Do you know of more ways to enjoy Labor Day weekend with the family? Tell us in the comments!

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