Father Comes up with Creative (and Hilarious) Solution to Daughter’s School ‘Accident’

father pretends wet pants

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When mortifying life situations take place, good parents brush the dirt off of their child’s knees, offer a hug and give pep talks to boost morale. Great parents divert the attention to themselves with laughter.

When Ben Sowards of Utah got a call that his six-year-old daughter, Valerie, had an accident at school and was crying waiting to be picked up, he thought fast. And his response is eliciting millions of ‘awwwww’s from all around the world.

Splashing water on the front of his work pants and running out the door, he showed up at Valerie’s school, quietly walking to the front office. When he saw Valerie, he sheepishly showed her his wet pants and asked if he could borrow her backpack to cover his little accident.

dad pretends wet pants

Lucinda Sowards

Ben says, “She looked at me with just the biggest incredulity. She was laughing about it. It was so funny.”

Sowards’ oldest daughter, Lucinda, was the one who posted the photos on Twitter, and it appears as though this is just the type of thing that Ben does on the regular. “I have memories of my dad working all night building a play set when I was little and waking me up in the morning to take me out and push me on the swings. Both of my parents are incredibly selfless, especially when it comes to the happiness of their family,” Lucinda tells Scary Mommy. And that’s not all. About four years ago, Lucinda fell while she was ice skating. Her father video called her, sporting a black eye that was identical to hers. We’re sensing a pattern, here!

dad pretends wet pants

Lucinda Sowards

The Sowards’ are held in high regard in their community for the overwhelming love that they show each other. As a family of eleven, with four of those children on the cusp of legal adoption, their care for each other shines through in both the silly and the serious.

It’s not something I would naturally think to do, but Ben Sowards’ ability to turn an embarrassing childhood moment into something to giggle at is pure genius. Way to go, Dad!



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