Empowering Affirmations for Stressful Days

Empowering Affirmations for Stressful Days

Draven Jackson
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I know you. You’re a strong, powerful person who pushes every day to stay in control. You work hard, you love your family, and you want to be someone they can look up to. You want to teach your children to be strong, to believe in themselves, and to pursue their dreams.

But you’re also tired. Some days are a struggle to get through and putting on a smile when you really don’t feel very happy can be hard. So, on the days where life just seems to hide trials and struggles around every corner and you just can’t catch a break, remember to breathe and tell yourself that doing your best – whatever that looks like – is always enough.

And if you need a little more help, here are some empowering affirmations to repeat to yourself until you find a little peace in the darkness.

I Have Faced Fiercer Storms and Survived Them All

Empowering Affirmations for Stressful DaysNot all bad days are made of big problems, but some definitely are larger than others. And whether the struggles you are facing are minor or impossibly large, it’s important to remind yourself that this isn’t the first time you’ve struggled.

We always forget once we’re on the other side of the storm what it felt like to be in the storm. We tell ourselves “Wow, that really wasn’t a big deal, I blew that way out of proportion.” But regardless of whether it was a big deal to the rest of the world or not, it was a trial for you. And it was hard. Don’t let yourself forget how much you’ve overcome just because it’s over.

So, when your problems just seem impossible to deal with, remind yourself that you’ve been here before. You’ve faced storms that felt like they’d overwhelm you before, and you made it safely out the other side, even stronger than you were before.

I am Strong. I am Loved. I am Worthy

Sometimes you just need to look in the mirror and be your own hype man (or hype woman). It’s that simple. Look yourself in the eye and remind yourself that you are STRONG and you are LOVED and you are WORTHY.

Such simple facts are so easy to forget, but they’re so important to remember. Don’t let yourself be defeated by anxious thoughts in your own brain – send those melancholy thoughts away with the clear reminder that you are so much more than you give yourself credit for.

Even Powerful People Cry Sometimes

This one doesn’t sound like an affirmation, but it is. When the world becomes too much to handle, it’s completely okay to cry. Strength doesn’t mean holding it all in or denying yourself your moments of weakness. You are just as strong after a good cry as you were before it.

Plus, crying is cathartic and necessary for maintaining a healthy emotional balance. So if you need to cry, do it. If you need to scream or break something or weep in the shower, go for it. You’ll be just as powerful afterward and you’ll feel much better after you let it all out.

It’s Not About Winning or Losing – It’s about Living a Life of Happy Moments

One problem a lot of people have is that they spend too much time comparing their lives to other people’s lives. When we are hurt by someone, we try to assuage our pain by trying to be better or live better than them somehow.

When we see someone else doing really well in life, we convince ourselves that they are somehow living a better life than we are, that they’re “winning” at life somehow. But those thoughts are detrimental to our own well-being. There is no winning or losing in life. There is no real “coming out on top.”

The only way to live a good life is to fill your life with happy moments, and that has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else. So don’t force yourself to live up to someone else’s standards. Just create a life that makes you happy and live wonderfully.

You Woke Up Today and That Itself Is a Miracle

Not every day is a winner. You’re not always going to wake up and run at a thousand miles a minute, able to accomplish everything you told yourself you were going to. Sometimes the bare minimum is all you can give, but you tell yourself you’re failing because you can’t do more.

Honestly, the fact that you woke up today is a miracle by itself. It’s a wonder that you got up, and it’s amazing that you brushed your teeth, and it’s wonderful that you did whatever it was that you could do today. Every extra task is a bonus, but it’s also okay if you couldn’t do more than the bare minimum.

Sometimes, You’re Just Okay. And That Is Enough

On the same note as the affirmation above, you don’t need to be perfect every day. You don’t have to be wonderful or extraordinary or amazing every single day. Sometimes the most you can be is okay, and that’s enough.

Don’t try to force yourself to feel better than you do, and don’t try to deny yourself the anxiety or pain you feel. You are just as worthy if you’re only okay as you would be if you were fantastic. Some days you aren’t going to be better than okay, and that is completely fine. Okay is enough.

You Are Stronger Than the Forces Fighting Against You

I have said it before, and I will say it again: You are strong. Even when you feel weak, you are strong. Even if you feel beaten down, you are powerful. Even if you feel defeated, you are resilient.

Whenever you feel less than wonderful, repeat this affirmation three times until you remind yourself that you are amazing and beautifully made and you are stronger than the obstacles you are facing.

It’s Okay

It’s a simple affirmation, but it works. Sometimes you just need to repeat to yourself over and over “It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s going to be okay.”

If you say it enough, eventually you’ll start to believe it. Because at the end of the day, as long as you’re healthy and recognize that you are strong, worthy, and loved, it will all be okay.

I hope these empowering affirmations help you as much as they do me on days that just seem impossibly hard, and I hope you find peace in the remembrance that you are powerful and worthy.

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