Dawn Matheson Interview – Digital Challenges of the Family

Dawn Matheson Interview (image)

Mom’s Choice Awards® Executive Director Dawn Matheson recently spoke with Familoop about the digital challenges and opportunities that families face in the 21st century. You can read the full interview with Dawn on Familoop’s blog here.

Asked about some of the most common challenges that parents face, Dawn mentioned “digital awareness” among the top concerns that Mom’s Choice Awards® repeatedly hears about from parents. She cited a few sobering statistics as well: “AVG also reports that 92% of children in the US have an online presence before they are two years of age—a presence that will continue to grow throughout their entire lifespan.”

But there’s no doubt in Dawn’s mind: families are 100% capable of adapting to new challenges. In fact, she explains why every parent really is an inventor. Plus, she’s optimistic that even as new technology creates challenges, it also brings enormous opportunity.

“We’re living in an age when a child learns to swipe a screen before he/she can hold a crayon. Today’s child seems to have a natural digital intuition—an innate ability to use and adapt to technology.”

What makes a great family-friendly digital product according to Dawn? You’ll have to check out the full interview to find out! She also gives her thoughts on the mission of Mom’s Choice Awards, how the digitization of families can influence daily lives, and more.  Read the full interview here.


7 Comments on “Dawn Matheson Interview – Digital Challenges of the Family”

  1. It is unbelievable when your six year old grandson has to show you the way of doing something on the computer

  2. Hi,this is such an interesting read and the topic of some conversations i have enjoyed with friends just a couple of weekends ago i got a virus on my PC,so will have to take it into the shop tomorrow i say out loud …my grandson 10 says to me i will fix it for you and for a long story short ….he fixed it …..when i was 10 i was playing skip rope….

    1. Wow! Kathy, that is so funny and so awesome! Definitely different times! LOL

  3. Interesting read. I consider myself technology savvy but even I can see that my kids will soon surpass me in how well they ha e adapted to this digital age.

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