Mom’s Choice Award-Winning Celestial Buddy Makes Waves… In Outer Space!

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Here at Mom’s Choice, our award-winning products span the entire globe. It’s always a lot of fun to see where they originate and where they’re taken! One of our products, though, is currently pushing the boundaries, and going where no toy has gone before… to outer space!

NASA Astronaut Anne McClain and David Saint-Jacques of the Canadian Space Agency with Earth

Celestial Buddies’ Earth plush toy was chosen by Elon Musk himself to be a super adorable “zero-g indicator” aboard SpaceX’s Crew Dragon, a vessel en route to the International Space Station. For some unknown reason, Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, decided to send the little guy along, joking in a tweet, “Super high tech zero-g indicator added just before launch!”, referring to the fact that Little Earth would start to float once it got into space.

When Crew Dragon arrived and the astronauts aboard the International Space Station unloaded the cargo, astronaut Anne McClain immediately took to the cute little earth-shaped plush. Can’t say we blame her- there’s a reason these little guys won our Gold award!

Anne McClain getting acquainted with ‘Earthy’, pictured here with crash-test dummy Ripley.

First order of business was introducing “Little Earth, or “Earthy”, to Mother Earth. What a shot!

Little Earth got to do everything an honorary astronaut would get to do. He ate special packaged meals…

and even enjoy some morning coffee with the crew! Not only that, but he was fitted for his own emergency mask.

In order to keep his nice round figure, Earth also takes part in Anne’s daily workouts. “Earth’s 3rd day started with getting the blood (plasma?) pumping!” She tweeted.

Apparently SpaceX had no idea that the astronauts intended to steal Earth and keep him with them for the rest of their mission. Lee Rosen, SpaceX’s Vice President of mission and launch operations told them, “Hey, we’re going to need Earthy back.”

Celestial Buddies is the brainchild of Creator Jessie, who for a long time was an apparel designer in the fashion world in New York City. Inspired by a documentary series on the Solar System, it quickly hit her that there didn’t seem to be a planetary product line that catered to a younger crowd. Thus, Sun, Moon, and Earth were created as the first in a line of Buddies!

The sudden surge in orders took Celestial Buddies by surprise, as they were given no warning on SpaceX’s decision to launch Little Earth to the Space Station. While Earth is currently backordered, there are many other options to choose from, including the Mom’s Choice Award-winning Our Precious Planet!

It’s always exciting when products in the Mom’s Choice family get taken on an unexpected adventure. It looks like he is great company for our hard-working astronauts. We are proud of Celestial Buddies, Little Earth, and his bravery out in space!


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6 Comments on “Mom’s Choice Award-Winning Celestial Buddy Makes Waves… In Outer Space!”

  1. How awesome is that?! So incredibly cute! Looks like everyone had fun. It was fun just reading about Earthy’s adventure!

  2. I’m envious of those adorable Celestial buddies! What an amazing experience that would be an ohhh, the VIEW!!!!

  3. It amazing your story I was very lucky to attend the #NasaSocial event for SpaceX Demo-1 was up close and personal you should apply to attend a event! Would be great to follow along with you!

      1. I would love to go to Space one day, it’s something I’ve dreamt of for a while :)

        I bet Celestial Buddies were shocked when their sales skyrocketed after the launch when little Earth was sent into space haha! I actually came across an account on Twitter – not sure if it’s 100% legit but it seems like one of the ISS crew created an account for little Earthy and I sent a tweet saying I was jealous of him for being sent to space and getting to see the real Earth from an incredible view!

        The Celestial buddies are so cool, they’re perfect to teach little ones about the wonders of the universe and they can play with them too – learning and playing is perfect for any child haha!

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