How to Overcome Loss and Grief to Be There for Your Family

How to Overcome Loss and Grief to Be There for Your Family

Experiencing the trauma of a miscarriage, the death of a parent or even the death of a beloved family pet can be devastating for you, but it can be even worse for your children who may feel scared and confused. Working through your grief and teaching your family to do the same will ensure that they can let go and grow up emotionally healthy. Read More

MCA’s “Breast” Award-Winning Products for Breastfeeding!

Best breastfeeding products

In honor of National Breastfeeding Month we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite award-winning breastfeeding products. We’ve got everything from Breast pumps and meters to nipple covers and nursing balm. All the items you see below are Mom’s Choice Award winners. Read More

Celebrity Couple Plans a Month Unplugged After Baby: What Do You Think?

celebrity couple

It is my opinion that we, as new parents, are pressured into way too much after our babies are born. Well-meaning relatives and friends are practically knocking down the door of our hospital rooms to watch our children come into the world, everyone and their mother wants to come visit you at your house to snuggle the baby, and, for many, maternity leave is non-existent or shorter than ever. Read More

Ways to Prevent Bullying & Low Self-Esteem in Kids

Prevent bulling in kids

Your children are the most important thing in the world to you, so it goes without saying that you’ll want to help them navigate their way through childhood without developing low self-esteem and to ensure that they don’t experience bullying in any capacity. Read More

Helping Your Kids ‘Brush Up’ on Dental Health

Helping Your Kids ‘Brush Up’ on Dental Health

Getting your kids to take care of their teeth can feel like one of the most difficult parenting battles you fight each day. Here are some tips and tricks to help your kids build good habits and take the stress out of caring for your kids’ teeth. Read More