8 Essential Life Skills You Should Teach Your Children

8 Essential Life Skills You Should Teach Your Children

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How independent is your child? Will your child be able to look after himself or herself when left alone for a few days? Does your child possess essential life skills that will help him or her face the world? As a parent, it’s important to think about this topic.

Your child needs to learn more than just academics. Keep in mind that a child who can’t look after himself or herself can’t develop important life skills and other essential personality traits needed in adulthood. Therefore, you should not stop developing and improving your child’s life skills when he or she starts going to school.

Children always look up to their parents. They’ll imitate what they see their parents doing. Therefore, apart from developing these skills in your child, you’ll have to walk your talk. Today, we are going to discuss eight essential life skills that you should teach your child so that he or she can become a successful and happy adult.

1. Self-defense

In our modern world, safety and security are among the top priorities in everyone’s life. Teaching your child several self-defense tactics will not only make your child independent but also safe.

The majority of schools today have invested in teaching students self-defense to protect themselves when they are alone. If your child’s school has not started such lessons, you should take the initiative to teach your child or send him or her to a training class.

2. Doing the work

As children grow up, they’ll move out to pursue their career or education. If you don’t teach them how to be responsible, it will affect them negatively in the future. In most cases, parents tend to do everything for their children such that their children never do anything. This should not happen.

Let your child pack his or her school bag, take the plate or cup to the kitchen or clean his or her room. By doing this, your child will learn how to be responsible. Plus, you’ll have someone to help you in the house.

3. Time management

How do you teach your child how to manage his or her time effectively? You can buy him or her a watch so that she can learn how to tell time.

You can also teach him or her how to use an alarm clock so that you don’t have to wake him or her up every day. Investing in a planner will also help your child track his or her school work and work on the most important tasks.

4. Decision-making skills

We make important decisions from the time we get out of bed. People who can’t make decisions cannot be successful in life. Such people tend to work for people who do make decisions. You don’t want your child to be in this category. Therefore, teach your child how to make simple and wise decisions quickly.

You can develop this skill by allowing him or her to choose between clothes, toys, games, and food to name a few. When you do this, your child will understand the consequences of his or her decisions. Helping them weigh the merits and demerits will allow them to make the right decision.

5. Managing their finances

This is one of the most important life skills. You can help your children manage their finances by giving them a specific amount of money every week or month that they’ll use for their expenses. If they want to buy something expensive, ask them to save the money until they can afford to buy it.

You can help them develop a saving habit by giving them some extra money every time they save. Also, teach them how to create a budget and sticking to it. Remember, you should also do the same for this habit to cement. Children don’t remember what you said but what you did.

6. Shopping

At the end of the month, take your child to the grocery store with you. Once your child is conversant with the shelves and what you buy, give him or her a basket and ask him or her to grab a few easy items from the shelves. You can also make your child responsible for buying a couple of items every month such as snacks.

7. Simple cooking

Children can learn how to cook easily. All you have to do is start with simple recipes. Teach your child how to prepare his or her sandwich or salad.
Have him or her squeeze lemon or tear up vegetables. You can also teach him or her how to bake. However, you need to be in the kitchen with your child at all times to avoid accidents and fire outbreaks.

8. Preserving the environment

You need to teach your child how to preserve and sustain the environment at an early age by practicing eco-friendly habits at home such as gardening, planting trees and throwing waste in a bin. Have your child plant a few trees and water the plants regularly.


When is the best time to help your child develop and improve these skills? A six or seven-year-old child is mature enough to learn all the eight skills that we’ve discussed today. Since these skills won’t be developed overnight, it’s important to be patient, positive and kind to your child.


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  1. We’ve been teaching our kiddo all of this before the age age because he’s autistic and takes longer for him to grasp concepts. One concern we have is defending himself using his words without becoming too emotional. That is okay to have emotions but that they shouldn’t take over him. He can control them and that sometimes others will get emotional too but that doesn’t mean he is in danger. Making him know a difference has proven difficult. We are teaching him to tell us everything so we can talk through it and we will help him solve issues.

  2. This is super useful and deserves constant attention. We should teach our children the basics in case anything happens

  3. These are awesome things to teach our kids!! THanks for sharing!! And Thank you for doing a giveaway!!

  4. Thanks for the advice. I need all the help I can get with five kiddos at home and one more n the way in eight weeks!

  5. Only thing I would add would be basic mechanics. How to change a car tire. How to check & change fluids & so on. Can be a life saver when you break down in the middle of nowhere.

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