6 Simple Tips for Being a Good “Homemaker”

6 Simple Tips for Being a Good Homemaker

Lyn BanghartLyn Banghart
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“Homemaker” sounds like an early 20th century ideology that all women have one place to be, in the home. For me this is not the case. To me homemaker means making sure that my family feel loved and cared for. Doing this while working full time out of the home or in it, is what I would like to help you achieve.

Homemaking isn’t something you wake up in the morning and automatically know! Just like everything else it must be learned. Trial and error. You learn by mistakes just like with other things in life.

Homemaking is making home a place that is safe, turning it into a school where more than just lessons from books are learned, a place to play around, a place where you are the #1 fans of one another! Below I have listed what for me are six simple tips for being a good homemaker:

1. Aroma

Getting home before your family if possible can lead to this tip being a great one! When your family is gone at school and work all day, walking through that front door can set the tone for the rest of the evening. If the smell of cookies is in the air, it gives the feeling of warmth and love! I use wax cubes I place in the electric wax melt. They can be plugged in to the outlets and turned on and off when you feel the need. Coming home to a pleasant smell, almost always puts a smile on anyone’s face. Let’s be honest, not every mom has the time to get home and throw some cookies in the oven. Or for moms that work from home who probably haven’t had a second to themselves, that’s the last thing on their mind! Great shortcut is the wax melt plug ins. Here’s another example, when you have just mopped the house that smell of “clean” is in the air. How do you feel after you are finished and can smell the cleanliness in the air? You feel less stressed, relaxed, safe!

2. Sweep up your kitchen floor

When you have a whole family to take care of, the kitchen floor will always end up being the messiest floor in your home! I know that there aren’t people in the kitchen 24/7 but nevertheless, it will remain the worst floor in the house. I sweep the kitchen floor every morning, and I try and sweep it up every night. There are nights that to be honest I get too tired and don’t sweep up and that’s okay, don’t worry if you didn’t get to things as planned. You can pick up where you left off when you’re ready.

3. Clean something every day

I will honestly say I had to learn this! Growing up my mom kept a clean home, she was a great homemaker! When I moved out and began living with my at the time boyfriend (husband now) Things became a shock to me. There was so much I thought I knew that I really didn’t! For as long as I remember he has always said we clean one thing one day, the next you can tackle something else! Eventually you will be on top of it all and won’t be overwhelmed, angry and despise the task of cleaning up. This I can say with full honesty, took a long time to grasp.

4. Make sure the dishes are washed every night

My dad has always said, “leave a dish in there at night and that dish calls all the other dishes!” Making sure those dishes are washed and out of sight, will make for a great beginning to the next day. Trust me, get this done!

5. Take time for yourself

This may be the most important thing you can do for your sanity and to be great to those around you. If you aren’t right, your kids aren’t, and your marriage/relationship won’t be either! Read a book, write in a journal, take up blogging! If browsing the web is your me time, search away. Don’t ever forget to take a few moments to gather yourself, then push forward. I am only now trying to practice what I preach. I never take time for myself and I believe this is one of the reason things for me catapulted out of hand!

6. Routine, Routine, Routine

I don’t think that I must really spend that much time explaining what I mean. Having a routine will ensure that things go smoothly! If you want a glimpse into my everyday routine, I will be happy to share that with you all in a different post. It would take far too much time to explain right now.

These six simple things can go a long way on your journey to becoming one heck of a homemaker! I will be riding this homemaking train next to you. Don’t forget to pour yourself a glass of wine and unwind after a difficult work/life week!

Lyn BanghartAbout Lyn Banghart

I have been dabbling a little with blogging for a few months now, only in private. It is something I really enjoy. Writing for me has always come easy. I use to imagine that I would grow into adulthood and be an Authoress, writing all of these beautiful and compelling novels. However, life had other plans for me!

To begin, I would like to introduce myself! You can call me Lyn, or Ohwhattajourney, whichever you prefer. I am 31 years young, a mother of three (ages 8, 5, and 2 this alone keeps me on my toes) I have been with my husband since the age of 19!

I decided to start blogging to have something for myself! As a form of therapy, is what I like to say!

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  1. I’m just a girl in her early 20s, not a mom, and actually live on my own (with two cats). I still found this extremely helpful! I rent a small house and want it to feel like home, and I want to be eager to invite friends over. Also, my boyfriend is weirdly good at keeping his own place tidy, and he’s too nice to say outloud that I’m a slob, but I’m sure that’s what he’s thinking when he comes over. I want it to be a nice space for both of us to hang out. I found these tips very approachable. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for this post Lyn. I can always use more tips/advice on foing better in this aspect of my life.

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