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Juvenile Level 2 (Ages 9 – 12) Books 2013

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A Miracle for Micah: Faith In Hard Times
by Mike and Carol Wyrick
Illustrated by David Miles
WinePress Publishing
Gold: Religion & Spirituality

Anoush: The Daughter of King Shen
by Rosemary Hartounian Cohen
Lico Publishing
Silver: Fantasy, Myths & Legends

Backyard Horse Tales 2: Frosty and the Nightstalker
by Jackie Anton
Illustratedc by Sandy Shipley
Dog Ear Publishing
Silver: Historical Fiction

Boat Kid:
How I Survived Swimming with Sharks, Being Homeschooled, and Growing Up on a Sailboat
by Melanie Neale
Beating Windward Press
Silver: Non-Fiction

Charis: Journey to Pandora’s Jar
by Nicole Y. Walters
Illustrated by Vincent Andrew Conard
Booktrope Editions
Silver: Fantasy, Myths & Legends

Chloe The Very Special Goat
by Rosanne Harper Glover
Illustrated by Jennifer Kessel Sites
Headline Kids
Silver: Non-Fiction

Cracking the Code: Spreading Rumors
by Kris Yankee
Ferne Press
Silver: Fiction – General

Crystal City Lights
by Holly Moulder
Blue Marlin Publications
Gold: Historical Fiction

Eat It!: Food Adventures with Marco Polo
Volume One: Leaving Home
by Gracie Cavnar
Illustrated by Anni Matsick
S2P Press
Silver: Cooking & Food

EggMania: Where’s the Egg in Exactly?
by Sherry Maysonave
Illustrated by Denise Caliva
Empowerment Productions, LLC
Silver: eBooks

Einstein Anderson Science Geek Series:
- Book 1: The Impossible Shrinking Machine and Other Cases
- Book 2: Lightning Never Lies and Other Cases
by Seymour Simon
Illustrated by Kevin O’Malley
Seymour Science
Gold: Series

Fingerprints on the Table:
The Story of The White House Treaty Table
by Connie Remlinger Trounstine
Illustrated by Kerry P. Talbott
White House Historical Association
Gold: Historical Fiction

Island of the Invisible Being
by Madelain Westermann
Illustrated by Erin Johnson
Ferne Press
Gold: Fantasy, Myths & Legends

Galactic Academy of Science Series:
- The Desperate Case of the Diamond Chip
by Pendred Noyce
- The Furious Case of the Fraudulent Fossil
by Barnas Monteith
- The Vicious Case of the Viral Vaccine
by Pendred Noyce and Roberta Baxter
Tumblehome Learning
Gold: Series

Giants in the Land:
Book One – The Way of Things
by Clark Rich Burbidge
Illustrated by Karl C. Hepworth
WinePress Publishing
Gold: Fantasy, Myths & Legends

Helga: Out of Hedgelands (eBook)
by Rick Johnson
Wood Cow Books
Silver: Fantasy, Myths & Legends

Kitchen Habits
by Papersalt
Gold: Self-Improvement

Madison and GA: Tale of the Messed Up Talent Show
(The Wunderkind Family Series)
by Melissa Perry Moraja
Melissa Productions Inc.
Silver: Fiction – General

Making Bad Stuff Good
by Sandra McLeod Humphrey
Royal Fireworks Press
Gold: Self-Improvement

by Sean Patrick O’Reilly, Shawn DePasquale and Robert Olmedo
Illustrated by Leisl Adams, Chandran and Shawn DePasquale
Arcana Studio
Silver: Comic Books & Graphic Novels

Rabbit Turds
by Susan Froehlich & Jonathan Rodman
Illustrated by D.C. Ice
Beaver’s Pond Press
Gold: Poetry

Reece’s Timeless Tales
by Various Authors & Illustrators
Apples-of-Gold, Inc.
Silver: Fiction – General

Robot Rhymes
by Karen Teel
Illustrated by Ashley Teets
Headline Kids
Silver: New Age & Indigo Topics

Spaghetti is NOT a Finger Food and Other Life Lessons
by Jodi Carmichael
Illustrated by Sarah Ackerley
Little Pickle Press
Gold: eBooks

Stephanie Lisa Tara’s Turtle Book
by Stephanie Lisa Tara
Illustrated by Lee Edward Fodi
Stephanie Lisa Tara Children’s Books
Gold: Non-Fiction

Storming Back To Key West
(The Enjella Adventure Series)
by Jane F. Collen
Illustrated by Peggy Davidson Post
Streamline Brand Associates
Silver: Fantasy, Myths & Legends

That’s Happiness:
An Adventure in Buddhism for Children of All Ages
by Cisco Davis
Illustrated by Adrianne Davis
Virtue Soup Enterprises
Silver: Religion & Spirituality

The 1950s Adventures of Pete and Carol Ann Series:
- Scary Spring: Our Polio Fright of 1955
- Sinister Summer: Cars, Cruisers & Close Calls
- Ferocious Fall: Our Wild Weather Escapes
- Wild Winter: Christmas, Clues, and Crooks
by CA Hartnell
Hawk Prints Publishing
Silver: Series

The Big Secret
by D.W. Boorn
Boorn Publishing
Silver: Inspirational / Motivational

The Ghost of Gasparilla, A Silky and Sly Adventure
by Dr. Karen Hutchins Pirnot
Dr. Pirnot Books
Silver: Fiction – General

The Infinite Song
by Andrea Freeman
Halcyon Wind Press
Silver: New Age & Indigo Topics

The Knighting of Sir Kaye – Book 1
by Don M. Winn
Cardboard Box Adventures
Gold: Historical Fiction

The Neptune Project
by Polly Holyoke
Disney-Hyperion Books
Gold: Fiction – General

The Night the Animals Talked
by Patricia Barry Rumble
Playitstore Publishing
Silver: Religion & Spirituality

The Victorian House:
A Silky and Sly Adventure
by Dr. Karen Hutchins Pirnot
Dr. Pirnot Books
Silver: Fiction – General

The Wishful Penny (Audio CD):
Adventures of a One-Cent Coin
by Jennifer Jo Young
Read by January M. Akselrad
See The Wish
Silver: Audio Books

Thinking About Thoughts
by Leanne Matlow
Illustrated by Kyra Kendall
Leanne Matlow Publisher
Silver: Body, Mind & Spirit

Weather Wits and Science Snickers:
Corny Jokes and Cool Facts!
by Steve LaNore
Illustrated by Elizabeth Cox
Steve LaNore Publisher
Silver: Humor

What to Do When It’s Not Fair
by Jacqueline B. Toner, PhD and Claire A. B. Freeland, PhD
Illustrated by David Thompson
Magination Press (American Psychological Association)
Gold: Self-Improvement